Luis Pistelli: Neuropsychology

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I'm Luis Pistelli and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've been blind since my childhood; so to assist me to read the course material, complete assignments and sit for the exam, I used a special programme called “Jaws”, which is a dedicated screen reader. I have to thank my father for instilling in me a deep desire to learn and study, despite the difficulties I face.


I am a physiotherapist by profession and I felt that ADL's Neuropsychology course would definitely complement my career goals. So in June 2016, I decided to become a student with ADL and start the Neuropsychology course. I have never looked back.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Not only was the material easy to understand, but my tutor's feedback, support and encouragement was excellent.


When you study by distance learning, the level of support you receive from your tutor and the administration team is vital. But ADL's unique student support system was able to make the learning experience more enjoyable. Nothing was ever too much trouble when I needed help. I always got a quick response from the administration or my tutor whenever I made contact with them.

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I received great feedback from my tutor and it was through this that I was able to gain deeper insights into my studies. I graduated in July 2017 and received my Certificate in Neuropsychology.


I loved the whole ADL learning experience so much, that I signed up again for further studies and enrolled in the Advanced Certificate in Biopsychology. As a result of completing my Certificate in Neuropsychology, I was offered a position as a professor at a university in Brazil. The course definitely greatly contributed to this new opportunity!




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