Online Courses – Why are Online Courses so Popular?

This is a collection of thoughts as to why Online Courses are so popular:

There are a so many reasons:

One of the more popular reasons is access.

Many adults work substantial hours and are also juggling family obligations at home. Even night courses can be difficult for many adults. Furthermore, distances from home to a college campus or high school outreach site can make it very difficult to take courses. And, do the colleges actually offer the courses that you’re interested in. The increasing cost of commuting will continue to play a role in some people’s ability to drive to a college campus one or more times per week.

Online courses provide access to college courses that is both place – and cost effective.

Flexibility of class participation and assignment completion is another benefit to online courses.

Many individuals prefer the flexibility to engage with the instructor and other students at times that are convenient to them. For adult students who have children, the best time for reading, doing a little research, and participating in an online discussion may be 9 p.m. or even after midnight.

For working adults, it is not uncommon to focus their attention on course activities during weekends. For many adults, attending a 9 a.m. class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays is just not practical. There is an abundance of resources on the Internet available to both faculty and students. This is yet another benefit of online courses. Students have access to information most of us never would have thought possible 20 years ago. From books to films to music — articles to documentaries to historical speeches — great art to simulations to how-to videos, instructors can incorporate these sorts of wonderful resources into their courses to enhance learning.

Why Students Like Online Learning

There are many reasons a growing number of students are enrolling in distance learning online college degree programs. Currently, there are more than 4 million people participating in online education with the number increasing every year.

Many people participate in online courses because of the flexibility they provide. Online college degrees and programs make it possible for students to work during the day and complete their studies from their homes at nights. Those who spend a lot of time traveling due to work can also complete their education in their spare time.

Since online education is known for its student centered curriculum, it is an ideal means for those who learn best through this approach to acquire higher education this way.

  •  Students can also re-watch lectures and review notes and other online resources any time they wish. This way, if a concept is unclear, students can review it at their convenience.
  •  Students taking online courses are also able to participate in classroom discussions in chat rooms or online forums. If a student is shy or unable to share an opinion because of time restraints in a traditional classroom, online courses make it possible for all students to participate in discussions.
  •  Students taking online courses can also take classes from teachers around the country and the world. As a result, student options are not limited by geography.
  •  Students taking online courses will also improve their computer skills and knowledge. Since these skills and knowledge are so important in the global economy, students can greatly benefit as they look for jobs, and because students are required to correspond with their teachers and other students via email, students will improve their communication skills.
  •  If students have problems learning in traditional classroom settings, or have disabilities preventing them from participating in class, they can enroll in online courses. As mentioned, students that do not want to speak in class but still participate in discussions can do so in online chat forums.
  •  Often students are permitted to discuss non class related topics and list personal information about themselves in chat forums. As a result, many students make new friends and get to know their peers better.
  •  Teachers supervising or teaching online courses are also more assessable. Students can ask questions or discuss concerns via email instead of having to wait until a teacher’s office hours which may not suit students’ schedules.
  • Students enrolled in online courses will also have the advantage of having a variety of educational materials that can be assessed anytime. As a result, students don’t have to carry heavy books around everywhere they go or wait until an item they need is returned to the library.
  • In traditional classroom settings, there are often students who dominate discussions. As a result, many students do not feel they have the opportunity to participate. Students enrolled in online courses have equal opportunity to participate.
  •  Three-fourths of American universities and colleges provide students the opportunity to enroll in online courses. Online degrees are increasingly carrying the same weight as traditional degrees.
  • Whenever student projects are assigned in traditional classrooms, it can be difficult coordinating a time and location all members of the group can meet together. However, it can be easier for students participating in online courses to work in groups since they usually discuss their project online in an online discussion forum.
  • Many students enjoy taking online courses since they can complete their work at a time convenient for them and do not have to sit through long classes.
  • Online education is also a great option for students wanting to enroll in courses not offered by local colleges and universities. This is especially convenient for people needing to earn a professional certificate.
  • Since online education accommodates work schedules and makes it possible for a wider variety of people to participate in discussions, it is becoming increasingly popular. However, this does not mean colleges and universities will begin to phase out traditional classroom learning.




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