Peacemaker in the Office – Why Business’ Need Counselling Skills.

As an employer your biggest assets are the people working for you.  They bring skills and talents to your business that you yourself may not have. Even if you do have them, having an extra pair of hands allows your business to do and achieve much more than it could ever do as a single person enterprise. 

Sadly, unlike say printers, employees aren’t usually easily replaceable, nor can they be delivered in 24 hours with Amazon Prime.  Even a fully trained and qualified professional will take a few weeks to properly fit into the new company environment and the more specialized your companies’ way of doing things the longer this will take.   

When Things Go Wrong

People are people and while they will do their best to be professional and leave their baggage at the door when they come into work, inevitably the greater patter of their lives will impact on their ability to perform. 

Even within the office, disagreements and misunderstandings can, if not carefully managed threaten to blow up into full on conflicts and  arguments.   Some workplaces develop entirely unhealthy sub cultures of different groups of employees working at cross purposes to each other and even the employing body.

What this means is, the shrewd boss is going to need some people management skills.  Or at the very least hire somebody with them.  Dealing with disgruntled workers for whatever reason isn’t usually as easy as shouting at them.   Worse yet, if there is need to intervene or discipline a staff member for any reason care must be done to ensure it does not breach the many pieces of legislation that govern treatment on the grounds or race, sexual orientation, disability and more.

Picking up the Pieces

Employers thus benefit strongly from some sort of study of counselling skills.  Understanding how and why people think the way they do is the first step towards understanding what is really going on in the minds of your Employees.  This is valuable information to have as content employees are generally more reliable and less prone to causing disruption in the workplace.  Such disruption doesn’t necessarily have to be say, arguments – it can also mean time of work for stress or illnesses exacerbated by the same.

With the toolset a counselling course can provide, an Employer can potentially learn better how to help those they work with in order to coax the best performance out of them.  Even if you aren’t able to help yourself it helps to know the warning signs to suggest your staff member engages with professionals who can help them better. 

Lastly, by taking a genuine well-being in the interest in well-being of your staff you will be repaid by the trust and loyalty of those working with you, making it more likely they will go the extra mile for the success of the business.  




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