Perfect Stocking Fillers for any Student

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santa hand putting present in stocking

There are a few days left of Christmas shopping and we thought we'd put together a list of great stocking fillers for different types of students! Maybe you'd like to drop a few hints to your family or friends.

A Stocking for a Horticulture Student

Grow It Bonsai Tree Kit

Bonsai is an art form that requires patience and dedication. It is also a great exercise for horticulture students who want to delve deeper into their horticulture skills.

Seeds for Gorgeous Winter Flowers

Sarah Raven has many lovely gifts for gardeners, but a quality and affordable stocking filler is seeds! You could easily fill a stocking with just seeds and call it a day.

A Little Latin Book for Gardeners

We've written a blog on how knowing Latin names can help you pass your RHS exams, this little is a great accompaniment to your studies. And it fits perfectly in a stocking.

Gardening Magazine

If you're going to flavour up a stocking for a Horticulturalist, a magazine is a useful, affordable way to do this!

A Stocking for any Student

Knock Knock Mental Note Sticky

Sometimes, having reminders on digital devices isn't enough. Cue the Mental Note Sticky Pad! Keep it nearby in case you have a flash of inspiration suddenly!

Highlighters, A5 Notepads and Mechanical Pencils

No more needs to be said. Highlighters have been used by students for decades to help them pick out key concepts in their study notes. Notepads and pencils mean you can always have somewhere to write your notes whenever they come to you. Remember that keeping your own journal can be an important way to process your thoughts and keep your mind clear.

Mini Oxford English Dictionary

While you can get this in app form, it's great to have a hardcopy you can turn to at any moment.


A Stocking for the Quirky Student


Sometimes when you're hard at work at your desk, you just want a mini distractions. Nanobots are the perfect example.

Pastel Pencils and Novelty Notepad

These cute pencils are a pretty gift to give anyone who loves pastel colours. The same goes to the novelty notepads!

Pencil Holder

Let's face it, our desks are often covered in pens and pencils and we still can't seem to find something to write with. This tin will solve your pen problems!

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