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Forestry Foundations

Forestry Foundations 100 Hours Certificate Course

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Learn About Forestry Foundations

Considering Forestry as a career choice?  This course is an entry-level foundation course and is ideal as an introduction to understanding the importance of forestry management and what the forestry industry requires.

The course will help you understand the principles of growing and managing timber for production, the management of urban forests as a sustainable asset, and the relevance of agroforestry in relation to growing trees on farms. Learn also, how to manage commercial plantations, native and natural forests.

Learn and study the necessary elements of forestry. This course will help you develop an understanding of the various timber species and how to collect and process timber.

In this Forestry Foundations course, you’ll also learn how plantations and woodlands are managed, together with recognising the importance of conservation and restoration forestry. A most important element of this course includes agroforestry – the study of forestry for farms and the agriculture sector.

Forestry is generally described as the science and practice of managing trees for use in agriculture, environmental and climate change mitigation, for human health and animal shelter, for tourism and manufacturing. A career in forestry provides many opportunities for professional growth.


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There are 9 lessons:

1. The Scope, Nature and Fundamentals of Forestry

  • Introduction to Forests
  • Tree Value
  • Understanding Wood
  • Tools in Forestry
  • Power Tools and General Tool Maintenance
  • Deciding on Tools in Agroforestry Applications
  • Extending Chain Life
  • Duty of Care in The Workplace
  • Protective Equipment

2.  Timber Types

  • Introduction to Timber and Forest Products
  • Different Types of Wood and Their Uses
  • Composites

3.  Harvesting

  • Tree Felling and Stump Removal
  • Protecting Trees
  • National Tree Registers
  • Keeping the Work Site Safe
  • Duty of Care
  • Costing Jobs

 4.  Milling and Processing

  • Introduction to Processing Timber
  • Turning Trees into Timber
  • Reviewing Saws
  • Effecting of Shrinkage
  • Wood Preservation in Cut Timber

5.  Plantation and Forestry Management

  • Introduction
  • Key terms
  • Silviculture
  • Shelterbelts
  • Pruning and Thinning

6.  Conservation & Restoration Forestry

  • Introduction to conservation and restoration
  • Forestry for Wildlife Conservation
  • Forestry for Erosion Control
  • Forestry for Salinity Control
  • Design Options including wide-spaced, clump and cluster and woodlots

7.  Agroforestry

  • Introduction to agroforestry
  • Benefits of Agroforestry including carbon sinks and credits
  • Agroforestry in Farming
  • Future Developments

8.  Urban Forestry

  • Introduction to Urban Forestry
  • Selecting Tree Species
  • Where to Plant
  • Environmental and Health Benefits of Trees in Urban Environments
  • Production Benefits of Trees in Urban Environments

9.  PBL:    Planning a Commercial Timber Production

  • Project Based Activity: to write a plan for commercial timber production on a small 5-acre woodlot, taking account of the site-specific and environmental considerations.

Please note:  Each lesson culminates in an assignment, marked by your tutor and returned with suggestions, comments, and extra reading if required.

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