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Commercial Hydroponics

Diploma in Commercial Hydroponics

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Learn About Commercial Hydroponics

Commercial Hydroponics Careers!   Use This Course To Begin Your Training!

The core modules listed in this Diploma cover all the necessary aspects of hydroponics.
The elective modules give you the opportunity to choose 3 modules from a wide selection. You choose the modules that you think will be appropriate for your area of interest.

This Diploma in Commercial Hydroponics is suitable for all hydroponic growers, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and consultants.

This qualification will help you learn how to:

  • Develop and expand your knowledge in hydroponics systems, designs, and applications
  • Establish hydroponic systems
  • Grow crops using hydroponic tried and tested methods
  • Understand the importance of nutrient use in hydroponic systems
  • Oversee and manage hydroponic systems and equipment
  • Apply the best choices for pest and weed control
  • Understand the various hydroponic methods of irrigation
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Core Modules
The following 3 modules are compulsory and form the basis of the foundation knowledge for the Diploma in Commercial Hydroponics.

Elective Modules

In addition to the core modules, you may choose any 3 modules from the following:

Please note: each module in this Diploma in Commercial Hydroponics is 100 hours duration study time and is a short course its own right, and may be studied individually.

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