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Academic Writing

Academic Writing 25 Hours Certificate Course

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Learn About Academic Writing

Academic Writing course online.

If you have been away from studying for a long time and are starting one of our courses, we recommend you attempt this module first as it will help with developing your research skills and improving your writing ability.

Learn the fundamentals of academic writing. This course aims to teach the fundamentals of academic writing for study and business purposes.

Writing tasks are often a day-to-day duty of any professional, whether they are at a supervisory level or top-level management. These tasks can include writing procedures, proposals and reports.

They might require specialised knowledge such as scientific writing or reviewing, or editing tasks, where professionals may at some time need to review and edit other peoples writing.

Understand the differences between the Harvard and Chicago styles of referencing.

Students, on the other hand, are expected to write in a way that demonstrates their understanding of concepts and theories, their ability to discuss the implications of theory, and their ability to communicate complex ideas logically and clearly.

This course may be purchased as a stand-alone course for £75. Alternatively, the course is FREE as a complimentary course when enrolling in any module. If you purchase this course as a stand-alone and later decide to enroll on a certificate course, your fee for this course will be deducted from your certificate fee course.

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Course Structure: Academic Writing BWR110

There are 3 lessons:

1:The Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Preparing to write

  • Defining the task
  • Identifying expectations
  • Clarifying your writing goal
  • Establishing a time plan

Researching your topic

  • Library and Internet
  • Evaluating and selecting information

Adhering to academic conventions

  • Presentation of assignments
  • Essays and reports
  • Referencing
  • Plagiarism.

Editing and proofreading

  • Check that all relevant information is included, correct, and well organised
  • Check that the document reads well
  • Check that the document is correct in spelling, structure, punctuation, grammar etc.

Researching your topic

  • Referencing
  • Referencing within the text
  • Referencing at the end of the document
  • Procedures
  • Proposals
  • Scientific Writing
  • Plagiarism

Self Assessment and Assignment

2: Doing Academic Research

What Makes Research Academic?:

  • What are the Rules?
  • Why does Academic Research Have Special Rules?
  • Who Hhas To Follow The Rules?

The Authority of Sources:

  • What Is An Authoritative Source?
  • What are the Primary and Secondary Sources?
  • How Do You Test Your Source is Reliable

Online Research:

  • What are The Most Reliable Online Sources
  • Are There Any Reliable and Easily Accessible Sources?

How Do I Cite This Source?:

  • Harvard Style
  • Chicago Style
  • Is There An In-House Style?

3: Writing an Academic Essay

What Makes An Essay Academic?:

  • Academia vs Journalism and Sales-Pitch
  • Theories and Facts
  • Be Critical and Explain Yourself
  • Introduction and Conclusion

Types of Essays:

  • Argument Essay
  • Description/Review Essay
  • Analysis Essay
  • Other Kinds of Academic Writing

Academic Writing is an excellent course for anyone working in business or preparing for higher education

Should you wish to know more, please see Academy for Distance Learning Control of Your Future!

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pre-university students master many of the challenges that prevent them from gaining the grades they need.

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