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Dissertation course online. Self-paced Home Study – Distance Learning course.

Learn to write and present a good dissertation.

The purpose of the dissertation is to show that you are capable of writing and presenting in an academic manner, conduct research into the relevant academic literature and write about the research in a clear and precise way.

This module allows you, to engage in research on a topic that is of particular interest to you while also demonstrating not only your research, analytical and investigative skills, but also your ability to work independently with self-determination.

This module will require a substantial commitment. You will be engaged in independent research and required to submit substantial assignments leading up to the final work.

You will also have to verbally defend your research once it is completed in the form of a viva voce exam.

This module represents a very large commitment of time and effort and will result in a piece of original work. This module is not a workshop or a research project.

To complete your dissertation, you have to show your marker that you can:

  • Set a relevant title for your research.
  • Decide on aims for your research.
  • Carry out a background research relevant to your dissertation.
  • Summarise and clearly explain the research.
  • Discuss relevant points.
  • Argue relevant points related to your dissertation title.
  • Follow the correct format for the dissertation.
  • Write within the appropriate word limits.
  • Use academic language.
  • Write references.

Remember that this is an academic piece of writing. You may choose to study something practical eg. The Development of a Cottage Garden. That is a suitable title, but you must write academically about what is a cottage garden, the plants that are suitable, soil composition, garden designs and so on.

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Lesson Structure: Advanced Certificate Dissertation Preparation – BHT330

There are 8 lessons:

1  Developing a Research Proposal

  • Introduction
  • Dissertation Proposal
  • Defining Your Research Topic
  • Writing a Research Proposal
  • Timetable
  • Academic Writing
  • A Word on Plagarism
  • Ethical Research
  • Human Research
  • Non Human Research
  • Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Category of Research – Human
  • ADL Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Initial Application for Approval to Undertake Teaching or Research Involving Human Subjects

2  Background Research

  • Organisation of Work
  • Organisation of References
  • Collecting Information
  • Finding Literature
  • Organising Research Material

3  Literature Review

  • What is a Literature Review
  • Research Objectives
  • What Makes a Good Literature Review
  • Finding Literature
  • Critical Reading
  • Literature Review Structure
  • Writing

4  Research Methodology

  • Introduction
  • Data Collection
  • Research Integrity

5  Data Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Data Organisation
  • Limitations of Your Research

6  Preparation of First Draft

  • Introduction
  • Thesis Structure
  • Presentation
  • Proof Reading
  • Writing the Conclusion
  • Writing the Introduction
  • Writing the Abstract
  • Marking Scheme

7  Preparation of Second Draft

  • Prepare final draft of dissertation 1

8  Submission of Final Documentati  on

  • Presentation
  • Declaration

Please Note:  Each lesson concludes in an assignment, submitted to your Tutor for marking and returned with relevant suggestions, comments, and, extra reading where appropriate.

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