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Back Health Care

Back Health Care - 100 Hours Certificate Course

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Learn About Back Health Care

Learn to Understand and Help People with Back Issues

Understand the essentials of Back Health Care. This course is an ideal professional development for anyone who is supporting somebody with back health problems or for someone who has back problems.

In this course you will discover the anatomy of the back, as well as the many holistic approaches applied to back care and helping manage back issues and back pain, that hinder our ability to carry out simple daily activities.

Back pain may result from mechanical issues or from poor posture.  Occasionally this can be a symptom of something completely different.

As we start to consider all aspects of back pain, it is important to remember that the person with the back pain probably already knows some of the causes of their pain.  However, they may not be aware of how specific activities could be contributing to continuing pain.  While at the same time, other activities, exercises, treatment forms or medications could combine to alleviate the pain and treat the underlying causes.

Why Study This Course?
If you have an interest in back care this course is ideal for you.  The course is not only appicable to people working in mainstream and complementary health care, but also,  those involved with fitness and wellbeing.

In addition the course is also relevant to workplace health and safety, to sporting and fitness professionals, counselling, coaching professionals, and more.

Benefits Of This Course
Can be used  for:

  • Professional development purposes
  • Foundation to further study.
  • Valuable to individuals with back pain or back health issues
  • Broaden your knowledge and understanding of this subject.
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There are 9 lessons:

1. Patterns, Causes, and Effects of Back Problems

  • Red Flags for Back Pain
  • Pain only on One Side
  • Back Injuries
  • The Connections Between Back Pain and Depression
  • Work Related Back Pain
  • Posture and Ergonomics

2. Back Anatomy and Physiology

  • The Skeleton
  • The Skeletal System of The Back
  • Spinal Curvatures
  • The Relationship Between the Muscles and The Skeleton
  • Stretching A Muscle
  • The Nervous System’s Supply to The Back
  • Experiencing Pain
  • Trigger Points

3.  Preventing Back Injuries

  • Lifestyle Issues and Habits
  • Correct Lifting Technique
  • Good Posture
  • Diet
  • Ergonomics
  • Preventative Treatments
  • Muscles and Flexibility
  • Managing Back Related Injuries
  • Taping Up an Injury
  • Managing Inflammation

4.  Types of Back Injury

  • Spinal Injuries
  • Musculoskeletal Injury
  • Neurological Injuries
  • Pinched & Trapped Nerves

5.  Assessment and Screening

  • Collecting Client Information
  • Functional/Physical Assessment
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Symptoms of a Spinal Injury (Bone)
  • Symptoms of a Muscular Back Injury
  • Symptoms of a Neurological Back Injury
  • Clinical Assessment Procedures

6.  Professional Treatments

  • Back Care Professionals
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Psychological Treatments for Chronic Pain Management

7.  Surgical and Pharmaceutical Treatments

  • Pharmaceutical interventions
  • Understanding Prescription Medication Addiction
  • Surgery

8.  Back Health Maintenance

  • Best Practice
  • Changing Habits
  • Legal Issues
  • Specific Practitioner Issues
  • Ethics
  • The Mind’s Impact on the Physical Body
  • A Holistic Approach

9. Rehabilitation

  • Back Pain & Grief
  • Progressive Programme Design
  • Providing Psychosocial Support
  • Establishing and Monitoring Exercise Quotas and Intensity
  • Personal Rehabilitation
  • Professional Rehabilitation and Care

Please Note:    Each lesson culminates in an assignment, marked by your and returned  with relevant suggestions, comments, and extra reading if necessary.

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