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Farm Tourism - Agritourism

Farm Tourism – Agritourism – 100 Hours Certificate Course

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Learn About Farm Tourism - Agritourism


Looking to add extra revenue streams to your farming business?

This course will explain the various opportunities and different ways that a farm tourism business can add to your farm income. You’ll learn how to build a tourism business, whether it is a Wine or food tasting, farm store, farm stay bed and breakfast, guided tour of the farm, pick your own fruit, cooking class, gardening class and many more opportunities. These are listed in the lesson materials.

Farm Tourism, also referred to as agritourism is a fast expanding industry.

Farms and primary producers can both benefit from the huge demands for this type of activity. The revenue streams can amount to a very good return on your investment.

Whatever you produce, there are always members of the public keen to see how such produce is made. Visiting your farm or produce factory is a great experience for your customers, whether you produce or grow wine, dairy, fruit or vegetables etc.,

Seeing first hand how you produce your product is further enhanced when they can experience, learn and taste the product fresh from your establishment.Agritourism is an expanding industry where customers can experience how things are grown, and created on a farm.

How this Course Can Help You Get Started:

You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase your farms or produce factory income by creating a new stream of profits
  • Discover different sustainable visitor trade associated alternatives
  • Minimise risk when undertaking an agritourism venture
  • Direct and manage agritourism enterprises more competently
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There are 8 lessons:

The Scope and Nature of Rural and Agricultural Tourism

  • Background and History of Farm Tourism
  • Forms of Agribusiness for Managers and Farmers
  • Agritourism Beyond the Farm
  • Types of Agricultural Tourism
  • Possible Issues
  • Animal Welfare

2.  Creating an Agritourism Setting

  • Planning Your Offering
  • Resource Management
  • Selecting Target Markets – Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Approaches
  • Legal and Health & Safety Requirement

3.  Managing an Agritourism Business

  • Managing the Physical Resources
  • Managing People
  • Setting up and Running a Farm Shop

4. Agricultural Tourism Accommodation

  • Styles of Accommodation
  • Costing Accommodation
  • Maintenance
  • Farm Tours and Activities
  • Identifying Major Target Groups
  • Tours Within the Farm
  • Tour Schedules and Bookings

5. Designing and Conducting Tours and Activities

  • Creating and Delivering Activities
  • Creating Activities Outside the Farm – Mobile & Online

6. Agritourism Events

  • Types of Agricultural Events
  • Planning for an Agricultural Event
  • Phases of Delivering an Agricultural Event
  • Dealing with Event Issues
  • Managing Visitor Access

7. Marketing and Promoting an Agritourism Business

  • Introduction to Customer Relationships
  • Customer Care Policy
  • Customer Care – Levels of Involvement
  • Effective Communication
  • Dealing with Complaints
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Maximising Customer Service
  • Importance of Market Research
  • Analysing Costs and Benefits

8. Special Project – PBL – Design a Farm Tour Activity Problem-Based Learning Project

  • Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school’s tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.


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