Q&A: Taking an Online Bookkeeping Course

Online Bookkeeping CoursesHow do you become a Bookkeeper?

To be a Bookkeeper in the UK you need to be registered with the HMRC.  This is to comply with money laundering regulations.  You can either be registered either by yourself or as through a third party professional organizations such as the ICB.  Technically you do not require any qualifications to work as a bookkeeper, however most professional bookkeepers have membership with a professional group like the ICB and you will have a difficult time finding employment in the field without membership in such a group.

How Long Will The Bookkeeping Course Take Me?

With distance learning you set your own pace so the course can take as little or as long as you need it to.  That said, our experience is that each module in the bookkeeping course will take an avarage of 60-150 hours of study.

When Can I Start My Online Bookkeeping Course? 

You can start your Bookkeeping course whenever you wish.  Enroll today and you could be starting on your new career at any time convenient to you.

When Must I Finish The Course By?

You can take as long as you like to finish the course.  Please note that we do generally require some submission of work from each student at least every six months, however we understand life can be unpredictable.  If you have to take a break from your studies for any reason we’re flexible in allowing deferment when you need it.

How Much Does Your Distance Learning Bookkeeping Course Cost?

Our complete package, from beginner to certified professional is available at the time of writing for £1850 and can be found here.  Depending on your prior learning, experience and personal circumstance however you may wish to learn module by module.  Our entry level course begins at £245.

Are All Costs Included?

All costs are included for all our courses except Manual Bookkeeping II and III. These courses have centre based exams that you pay to the ICB directly.  To qualify as a certified Bookkeeper with the ICB you will need to sit examinations at the end of each module to prove what you have learned.  You can visit the ICB website here to see what their current fees are.

Can The Distance Learning Bookkeeping Course Be Completed Entirely Online?

This depends on the course. Bookkeeping Manual II and III are centre based exams which you will be required to take at an ICB approved centre. All other ICB courses are computer based exams that you can take in your home. A student can contact [email protected] to book this exam once they have complete all assignments in the course.

Who Will My Tutor Be?

Your tutor will be Mr. Paul Evans, an experienced Bookkeeper and project manager.  Read more about him here. If you are taking our computerised bookkeeping courses, your tutor will be Mr. Nick Howarth.

What Will I Receive When I Finish My Online Bookkeeping Course?

Depending on the modules completed you will receive certificates of attainment, diplomas and recognition and can then apply to the ICB as either an associate or member of the ICB, meaning you are certified to perform the role of a Bookkeeper commercially.  

We’ve recently had a rise of requests for information regarding the bookkeeping courses we offer.  We know that your time is valuable, therefore we’ve endeavoured to set out and make available to you the answers to the most common questions we get from those getting in touch to ask about our distance learning bookkeeping courses.  As always ofcourse, if there’s a question you didn’t see answered please ask in the comment or contact us either via phone or our website!




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