A number of courses require students to complete work experience, industry meetings, workshops or research projects. 

The requirements are as follows:

Work Experience

Where a student is required to complete work experience, it must be relevant to the qualification, as well as a valuable learning experience. Work that is menial or not challenging may not be approved. A reference from an  employer, client or colleague must be supplied, describing both the nature and duration of the work.  If a student has difficulty obtaining work experience, they are advised to contact us for assistance. 

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Some courses have workshop requirements. Workshop 1, II & III each involve a series of PBL (Problem Based Learning) projects, worked through in liaison with other people.  These modules develop  the same competencies which would otherwise be achieved through face to face workshops. These modules work for any discipline, teaching you how to  effectively deal with practical  problems within well defined specifications in any industry. 

Research Projects

Research Projects I, II, III, and IV are generic 100 hour modules.  Each module involves some formal studies to learn about research methods and techniques, followed by conducting real research into a subject relevant to the discipline being studied. 

Workplace Project

We will accept any of the above three categories as a workplace project 

Industry Meetings

To meet this requirement, you must attend meetings such as conferences, seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, study tours, committee meetings, or any other industry events which might be considered as  contributing toward their awareness and education of the relevant industry.  Proof of attendance must be shown.  This may be references or letters from the relevant organisers, by supplying a written report and photographs; or by any other reasonable method, such as keeping a Log-Book verifying attentance.

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