Resolution: Wanting to Help Others

Following on from our prior article last week about the resolution of being your own boss, today we talk about another common resolution and options you might want to consider to help you fulfill it.  Helping others is a vary wide ranging topic, but the desire to be of service in some way is something many people feel at some point in their lives.  Whether to be of assistance in a professional capacity or just volunteering services to a charity or individual, many people dream of making the world a better place. 

Here’s a selection of ADL courses and ideas that might help inspire you if you want to help others. 


Understanding how people think is a great beginning for learning how to help them.  Psychology is all about understanding the workings of peoples minds.  It’s a hugely broad field, reflecting in the diverse offerings available from ADL.  Perhaps you want to work with Children and might favour a course in child psychology, or you might be of a more active leaning and find a sports psychology course more to your liking. 

Psychological knowledge isn’t just useful for trained professionals, it’s handy for anyone who has to deal with people.  Whether you want to help others as a life coach, understand better the difficulties faced by people with learning disabilities or are simply fascinated by the workings of the human mind, a course in psychology will really broaden your horizons.

Health and Wellbeing

As great as the mind is (and we think it’s pretty great), lets not forget the body!  Especially after the festive season saw most of our waistlines gain a modest inch or three.  There continues to be a real need to educated and proficient trainers and leaders in exercise and nutrition across a huge range of disciplines. 

Whether you want to be able to inspire and direct your friends to lead healthier lives or you’re thinking of working professionally as a personal trainer or nutritionist, ADL offers a huge selection of courses for those wanting to help others become more active.

Teaching Others

One of the best things you can do in life is to pass on the collected knowledge and wisdom you have accumulated in the course of your existence and share it with others.  Consider a course in classroom delivery skills.  Or take your knowledge worldwide with a course in delivering distance learning.  Whatever you decide, you can take pride in shaping the minds and lives of your pupils.


When people think of helping other people, Doctors are often foremost in people’s minds.  Together with other health care professionals they work to improve and save lives.  If you have ever wanted to become a doctor yourself or a medical professional of another sort, it might not be too late.

ADL’s Pre-Medical diploma is a comprehensive course ideal for people wanting to apply to medical school who may lack the traditional grades or subjects required for entry.  If you are looking to get into medicine, this may very well be your way into the profession.

Animal Care

It’s not just people who need looking after and helping – animals do too!  Whether pets, livestock or wild creatures, there will always be a need for compassionate and educated individuals to come to their aid during times of distress. Whether you just want to understand your pet better, aspire to working in an animal sanctuary or have dreams of working in the wild with some of the most noble beasts on the planet, ADL offers a wide range of courses in animal care to suit all sorts of animal antics.




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