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I have been loving the material and my tutor Iona Lister does a wonderful job, the feedback I've been getting has been very useful.
Gabriela G
Dear Amanda White, Its with great pleasure I am announcing you my new job as 'Park Manager' for a 5 star hotel in Reunion Island. Its definitely my courses with ADL (Botany, Agronomy and Tree for Rehabilitation) which were decisive for my nomination. Accordingly, my sincere thanks goes to all the ADL team. In this context, I will appreciate if you could kindly send the certificates for the courses (copy by mails for the time being) I have completed with ADL so that I can present to my new employer. Thanking you in advance and waiting for the pleasure to hear from you soon. For the meantime I will continue with "Biochemistry of Plants"
Leckraz K
Reunion Island
I undertook this module last summer as I needed to cover the requirement to be accepted into a Biomedical Science Degree course. I managed to complete the coursework and exam for Biochemistry I and III modules in just over two months(200h study time). It was very intense mainly because of my deadline to be accepted into the university course. I guess it could been easier if I didn't have to complete it within such short amount of time. My tutor was great, I spoke to her from the start and explained I needed to work at a really fast pace. She cooperated and clarified my doubts whenever I needed it. Overall I had a really good experience studying with ADL. When doing distance learning study, you really need to focus and be disciplined, but it is all worth it at the end. I was accepted into my course, I've completed my first year and about to start the second one. Thank you ADL and my tutor Juliette Ivanova for your support
Maria R
Biochemistry I & III, UK
Thank you so much for your advice and support for my first assignment. It is very encouraging, as I did get a bit confused about the different concepts and terminology. I will build on this for my next assignment. I will focus more in the future in getting the assignments in and not get side-tracked trying to learn latin and everything and worrying that I don't understand things completely. I was really worried about doing this course but your advice and comments have really encouraged me
Jane A
RHS Combination, UK
Thank you so much. It has been such a great course and have learned a lot. It was really great to meet you too and all the staff from the ADL academy whom I came across in the building. Everyone is so nice and friendly. wonderful experience. Thank you once again
Juudit A
Careers Counselling, UK
The course was a valuable learning experience as it provided me with the knowledge and understanding for me as a Careers Advisor. The feedback was very good from my tutor, and allowed me to build upon my assignments that were marked. The comments were very informative and very useful. Well written course material.
Andrew W
Careers Counselling, UK
It exceeded my expectations. It was more comprehensive than I expected and the assignments really stimulated deep study of the subject. Thank you for your guidance. I am delighted with my certificate and will recommend this course and ADL to my friends and colleagues.
G Flaherty
Ornithology BEN102, Ireland
I enjoyed the course and developed a good understanding of learning and behaviour disorders. I feel this will be helpful in my role as a Clerk at a local primary school". The course met my expectations and I enjoyed the challenge of learning about conditions i knew little about. The presentation of the course and the opportunity to communicate with my tutor was valuable. I enjoyed the course so much , I am planning to do another!
Jennifer C
Developmental Learning & Behavioural Disorders in Children and Adolescents, UK
A very productive and useful course which has progressed my field of work
Lesley C
Professional Supervision, UK
I want to thank you for the course - Hotel Management- I've just finished now. The course was comprehensive and well edited. For sure it can give a new worker in the hospitality industry the basic theoretical and practical knowledge required
Daniel K
Hotel Management, Romania
Thank you very much and and thank you very much for existing! I have 2 degrees, but, ADL is one of the best things that has happened in my life
Jodie L
Wildlife Management, UK
It was better than I expected. Very professional and my tutor was encouraging and excellent - I always received the best feedback on assignments and ways to improve. My tutor also made difficult modules more clearer to me
Beverly H
Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology IA), UK
Dear ADL The course was extremely valuable and I have been able to commence Bereavement Counselling already. I am able to put into practice, the valuable lessons I have learned during the course. The course was excellent and better than I expected. The structure of the course was excellent.It was very well presented and easy to follow. I received excellent feedback from my tutor Iona Lewis, who returned marked assignments very promptly. This was a very important to me. I have absolutely nothing but praise for the professional and friendly manner of the administration staff, who were always very helpful when I needed guidance. The course was very comprehensive. I was very impressed with the course, the website and admin and would dearly love to study with you at some point in the future, when funds allow.
Eileen N
Bereavement Counselling, UK
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