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Another year, another Tax return. The 31st of January was the last day tax returns could be filed with HMRC for the 2012-2013 tax year causing lone traders and small businesses up and down the country no end of headache. Across the nation, companies were desperately chasing small scraps of paper looking for the receipts that had definitely been stored safely away six months ago but now, when they were needed, were nowhere to be seen.

Dealing with the financials of a business can always be a burden; understanding the necessary legislation, the tax codes, payroll and national insurance contributions – it can all threaten to overwhelm small businesses and those operating alone.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your business is supported by a competent bookkeeper to keep your books, i.e. your financial information, up to date. Whether you hire a third party, train up a staff member or simply learn to do it yourself, your business needs someone to watch its books and guard against any nasty surprises that might befall the unprepared.

In association with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, ADL is proud to be able to offer a complete course in bookkeeping. A British based non-profit organization, it exists to further the profession of bookkeeping by setting and maintaining the standards its members abide by professionally and by issuing qualifications to bookkeepers new and old. With over 150,000 members spread over 100 countries, this British based organization is the largest community of Bookkeepers in the world.

ADL offers a range of courses at different levels for current or aspiring bookkeepers. Complete newcomers should begin with the ICB Level 1 Certificate in Bookkeeping, an entry level module with no prior experience with bookkeeping required. Covering the initial essentials every bookkeeper needs to know you’ll learn how to set up an accounting system, how to manage create and use balance sheets and even how to account for VAT in your accounts.

Progress from the level 1 certificate has the student moving on to level 2 certifications in both manual and computerized bookkeeping. Increasingly being able to maintain a business’ accounts on a computer is an essential part of a bookkeeper’s trade. The course is focussed on using the acclaimed SAGE Instant Accounts software and will train the student, not only to use this software, but additionally how to integrate this knowledge into keeping the financials of the business well up to date. Meanwhile the course in level 2 Manual Bookkeeping further develops the skills and knowledge explored in level 1.

Finally, progression through the second level entitles the student to begin a level 3 course, which is recognized as a diploma from the ICB if the prior modules are all completed. These final courses are essential for any Bookkeeper looking to add the prestigious lettering of MICB to their name, verifying their skill and ability as a recognized Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

All courses can be taken separately or purchased together as a complete package on the ADL website, and as with all ADL courses, learning can take place anywhere in the world.

This year, get all the numbers to add up. Learn bookkeeping with ADL.

Bookkeeping Courses

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Website




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