Staying Relevant in a Digital Age

Living in the digital age brings huge benefits where employment is considered.  With nothing more than a visit to a website and a few key words jobs locally, nationally and internationally are at your fingertips. And that’s only following the old model of looking for work directly – thanks to social media we can connect, and be connected with new opportunities at any moment. 

But the sheer amount of information available can be a problem in itself.  Just as you are connected to the wider world, so too is everyone else.  This can make it hard to be noticed – online one CV or profile can look much the same as the other.  In many ways, getting a traditional University degree can be only the first step, or even not related at all to starting on a dream career.

Getting Noticed

We’re long past the age of a job for life.  Most people will experience several careers in their lives and some many more than that.  Discovering your talents late in life is another reason to change career path.  And the spectre of change, of current roles becoming redundant means that for everyone there’s a need to commit to lifelong learning. 

This means that today, being a student can no longer be just the phase in life between leaving school and joining the work force.  And even though retraining for new jobs and roles is increasingly necessary, few people enjoy the luxury of being able to leave their working lives behind entirely to resume a period of full time study. 

What this means is that today’s worker must forever be a student, looking to refine, develop and improve their own skills so as to retain relevance and value in an ever changing world.  They must be prepared to take responsibility for their continuing education so that they can adapt and progress through whatever life throws at them. 

Preparing for a Changing World

Distance learning is one of the best ways to combine the need to stay informed and educated with the demands of a busy modern life.  A wide range of programmes are available, from agriculture to business, psychology to the arts.  Whatever your interested or ambitions, there is a course for you. 

ADL courses especially are written and organized with the needs of the modern learner in mind.  Built around short courses of a hundred hours study in length, these courses are ideal for taking a step into a new discipline or building on established knowledge.   And unlike traditional colleges and universities, there’s no set terms.  You can start learning whenever you like, study to suit your own schedule and complete your course at a pace comfortable to you. 

Whatever your goal, stay relevant with a course from ADL!




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