Study Tips for the Festive Season

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While we are all looking forward to the break that the holiday season gives us, if you have a study goal to meet before 2018 ends, then you might need a helping hand achieving those goals. Don't fear, ADL is here to help you!

Make a Schedule

Planning your study has two benefits. It helps lay out a timetable and it helps you set out your goals for each study session. If you can set aside two hours twice a week for study, you can also then strive to tackle a specific part of your course in each study session. A learning schedule is also a good way to stay accountable to your time. If you couldn't make a session when you had previously said you would, why is that? What were the factors that led to you breaking your own schedule? Identifying issues to your scheduling helps you make better plans in the long term.

Be realistic

You are going to have days where you might want to study, but realisticly won't be able to because of family commitments or work or other factors. With this in mind, it's important to be realistic about what you can achieve in what's left of December. Maybe you can only manage one study session between now and Christmas and then one more before new year. That's fine. Be fully engaged in the times you have available to study, but don't feel bad about the times you can't. Maybe you can't tackle a full assignment in the next two weeks, but perhaps you can answer one question in the time you have available.

Light Reading around your Subject

If your time to devote to study is completely non-existant, then grabbing an ebook or library book relevant to your course and reading snippets now and then is still useful. You will be surprised by what you pick up and will mean you stay engaged with your subject throhgout the festive season. You can always ask your tutor for reccomendations on books about your subject.

Podcasts and Youtube

Again, if you're out of time, finding a good podcast around your subject, even if it's very broadly about the subject you're studying, is still a good way to dip your toes into your topic. Youtube is also a good way to maintain links with your subject if you've no time available for study.




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