We take BitcoinThis year has been something of a watershed for us,  a third new website, new staff and many more internal systems that hopefully are lessening stress and workload, but we're still getting busier every day!  Thank you to all that have come on board!

Keeping up to date with technology is one thing, but the demand of a few customers looking to purchase our eBooks and enrol on one of our online courses has dictated that we, whilst bringing the new site online, add Bitcoin payments to the site!

So many merchants – some of them retail giants with billions of dollars in revenue – deciding to accept bitcoins in exchange for goods and services has also prompted us to explore the idea, and we were amazed at how quickly we could add the market leading secure transaction technology from Bitpay to our website; "Trusted by Over 40,000 Businesses and Organizations".   Of course, many of the early adopters are are online e-commerce sites, but an increasing number of bricks-and-mortar stores are also now accepting Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency).

For you as a consumer they are far more secure than many, if not all, etransactions.   Hell they were developed by hackers!  Also, should you wish to pay Via Paypal to us, we lose a significant percentage of the transaction in fees; not so with Bitpay!   Yes there have been bumps in the road, scare stories in the press but we think Bit-payments are here to stay!

While in the past trying to find a bitcoin-accepting merchant for the item you want was often tricky or even impossible, there are now growing options for people who don’t wish to pick their way through hundreds of listings just to find products vaguely approximating those they want.  And, now you can enrol with us, using Bitcoin!

The best way to find bitcoin-accepting merchants is via marketplaces and aggregator sites that gather large numbers of supporting establishments together at once. CoinMap.org also offers a visual way to locate bitcoin stores in any geographical area, and new businesses are appearing all the time. However, CoinDesk has summed up some of the more notable examples of both online and real-world stores.  Even one of our colleagues,  Phil Lowry, mentioned he knew of a real world use of Bitcoin – the famous Pembury Tavern taking Bitcoin – read here

Even the FT is predicting it's demise here, which means it's inevitable success… such is their finger on the pulse of technology, tongue firmly in cheek.  "Certainly Silicon Valley is betting that it will. According to the tally kept by coindesk, a total of $317m has been invested in bitcoin start-ups since 2012. The flow of money is accelerating, with $224m arriving this year. According to coindesk, there is greater venture capital activity in bitcoin this year than there was in the internet in 1995. The level of excitement is certainly comparable. " read more here, Paywall perhaps.

What is Bitcoin?

"Bitcoin is a new kind of money. It's the first decentralized electronic currency not controlled by a single organization or government. It's an open source project, and it is used by more than 100,000 people. All over the world people are trading hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin every day with no middle man and no credit card companies. It's a startup currency which has never happened before.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency that is completely distributed. The network is made up of users like yourself so no bank or payment processor is required between you and whoever you're trading with. This decentralization is the basis for Bitcoin's security and freedom.

Email let us send letters for free, anywhere in the world. Skype lets us make phone and video calls for free, anywhere in the world. Now there's bitcoin. Bitcoin lets you send money to anyone online, anywhere in the world for less than a cent per transaction! Bitcoin is a community run system not controlled by any bank or government. There's no wallstreet banker getting rich by standing between you and the people you want to send and receive money from.

Bitcoin is more efficient than all competing currencies. This will drive its adoption in the same way computers were adopted, in that computers made people more efficient in competing in the marketplace. A currency has value by it being widely used. Bitcoin is a startup currency with a deflationary bootstrapping economy. Its use spreads by providing the speculator incentive.

Bitcoin is going to be the biggest opportunity for innovation that the world has seen since the industrial revolution. An idea whose time has come.you can read more here about Bitcoin

We're now featured on Where to Spend Bitcoin  – right here




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