Where Your ADL Course Can Take You

At the time of year when so many students are having to make choices on their futures, it seems like a good moment to talk again about where an online course from ADL can take you.  Many students of all ages and from all works of life turn to ADL to help them realize their dreams and ambitions.  Whether they're looking to start new careers or enhance existing ones a diploma or short course from ADL has been seen to really help our students get up the ladder to the next stage of their lives. 

The key thing about all this ofcourse is that it's a very crowded market for job seekers nowadays.  With higher education increasingly available to more and more people the jobs market has never before been quite so jamm packed with quality applicants.  This can make it hard for Employers to choose between potential candidates and firms and companies are increasingly only recruiting staff members that already possess the skills they want.  

This is one of the strengths of an ADL course.  With our experential focus on learning and the requirements of the assignments of many of our courses you will develop the skills and abilities you need to be able to demonstrate your competency and readiness to your employer in whatever field you've been studying.  

As an example, we are often asked by people interested in our graphics design course about whether they will be "qualified" to work as a graphics designer upon finishing the course.  The answer we give in most cases is that it doesn't work that way. In graphics design, as in many other fields the Employer cares far less about what grades you got and far more about what you can do.  That's why our course focusses very much on developing the skills and abilities that an aspiring graphics designer needs.  Assessment remains ofcourse a part of the course but the goal here is to assess your ability to perform the tasks asked of you, and not just to assess your book learning. 

But it's not just for graphics design.  Prior students of ours have made the most of the learning experiences with ADL to get ahead in their careers and lives.  From wildlife conservation to agriculture former students of ours have found our courses to open doors and opportunities for them.  New book keepers and horticulturalists join the workforce yearly from our ICB and RHS approved courses.  Our courses have helped entrepreneurs get their businesses founded and helped aspiring academics open the door to the university experience of their dreams. 

So whoever you are and whatever you want to be – take an ADL course and open doors today. 




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