Why Study Accountancy?

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why study accountingCareers in accountancy are far more varied than when looking in on the world and industry.  There are a wide ranging set of training opportunities for business and banking right through to independent practice.

Accountants are needed by every company whether they outsource the services or not. Chartered accountants are not just bookkeepers or taxmen anymore – they are financial specialists who are at the centre of every company. Monitoring cash flow is the life blood of business.

Accounting Employment Opportunitites

Accountants work across all fields of business and finance. Once qualified you could work in the following fields:

  •     Taxation
  •     Forensic Accounting
  •     Financial Management
  •     General Management
  •     Treasury and Controlling
  •     Financial Analysis
  •     Auditing
  •     Book-keeping
  •     Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation
  •     Personal Financial Planning

Whether you choose to work in the private sector, for government bodies or opt for public practice work, opportunities are endless.

As you can see, an accounting qualification can pave the way to many career paths. But there's more to career diversity, which is why we have compiled our top 5 reasons to motivate you to study an accounting qualification with us.

  1. High Salary – entry level salaries exceed those in nearly every other field and accounting trainees are likely to double their salary once they have completed their training.
  2. Global Career – accounting qualifications are recognised all over the world giving you the opportunity to take your knowledge and expertise overseas.
  3. Job Security – accountants enjoy a stable career compared to other professionals even in a difficult economic climate.
  4. Opportunity – as already mentioned, once qualified, the career paths you can choose are vast
  5. Flexibility – once qualified and with the relevant experience you can work in the highest levels of finance, accounting or business.

If this post has awoken your interest in a career in accounting, why not get in touch with one of our specialist education advisors today to find out more about your options and our courses in accounting. You can talk to them via the live chat, by phone (01227 789649) or email

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