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Farm Management

Farm Management
Price: £325.00
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Type: online courses Course Code: BAG104

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Farm Management

Farm Management course online. Home Study Farm Management. Learn successful management of farming business through this Distance Learning Course. Animal rearing and crop production are only part of the picture in successful farming good management skills are also vital. So a team of experts from the UK and Australia were enlisted, under the leadership of renowned horticulturalist John Mason to develop this course. You will learn how to analyse, diagnose and make management decisions related to a farm business. A thorough and comprehensive Online course in farm management.

Course Stucture: Farm Management BAG104

There are 8 lessons:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Business Plans
  3. Business Assessment
  4. Viability Analysis
  5. Management Strategies
  6. Human Resources
  7. Physical Resources
  8. Natural Resources
Aims: Farm Management BAG104
  • Develop strategic planning methods for an agricultural business.
  • Prepare a Farm Business Plan.
  • Develop methods for assessing the operations of a Farm Business.
  • Analyse the viability of different production enterprises:
    • assessing profits
    • risk analysis
    • cost efficiency
    • quality standards
    • financial records
  • Develop strategies for managing different farm production enterprises, covering workplace organisation and crop scheduling.
  • Plan the management of human resources in a farm business covering:
    • supervision
    • types of leadership/managers
    • orders & instruction
    • motivating employees
    • recruitment
  • Develop methods for managing the physical resources of a farm business including managing equipment, machinery and buildings.
  • Develop methods for managing the natural resources of a farm business, covering topics:
    • landcare programs
    • erosion control
    • soil degradation
    • salinity
    • soil acidification
    • chemical residues
    • compaction

Farming is just as much about management as it is about animal or crop production. Unfortunately in today's world, the ability to produce a good animal or crop is no guarantee for success!

Through this course, learn to analyse, diagnose and make decisions related to management of a farm business. The course relates to managing all resources, including; production, staff, physical resources, and natural resources. You learn strategic planning, whole farm planning, and how to prepare a business plan.

This course was developed by a team of experts from Australia and the UK, under the leadership of John Mason, author of three Farm Management books (published by imprints of Simon & Schuster and CSIRO)

Course Info
Course Hours 100
Course Code BAG104
Course Prerequisite No
Course Qualification Certificate

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Q: What accreditation does this course have, and what level would it count as in the UK courses grading scheme? ( John Rook )

A: Hello John, This course is accredited by the IARC. The knowledge gained on this course is at a level 3 (NVQ3) standard.

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