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Staff Training Online Courses

ADL’s Staff Training online courses studied by distance learning, can be used to support and enhance the CPD training of a job or trade being learned by new and existing members of staff to improve teamwork skills.

They are written, regularly updated and delivered by industry relevant professionals, with the needs of you the employer in mind. They are therefore a credible alternative to other available options because they can provide both the required knowledge and transferable skills

The courses are self-paced with no deadlines or end dates and can be completed in a learner’s own time. As an employer, you may decide to set aside time during the working day for your employee(s) to study, or learners can study at home. Our staff training courses are totally flexible and there is unlimited tutor and admin support throughout.

How Do our staff training courses work?

Our courses are at least at A level standard and your staff will be completing a learning program, where they will be expected to undertake further research to cement and enhance what they are learning. Because of this, the course hours given are only a guide, because some will take longer to complete their programme because they want to delve as deeply into the subject matter as possible, whilst others may take longer due to them needing more time to process the information, if English isn’t their first language for example.

Lessons for each course begin with a set aim plus reading of the notes, that provide a foundation for each lesson and includes a self-assessment test with multiple choice answers, that must be passed before moving on.

Trainees then undertake a set task which may include further research, practical application, networking or problem solving.

They will then be required to submit a written assignment, which is marked and graded by their tutor and sent back with any helpful and relevant comments.

After completing all the lessons and assignments, trainees take one final exam. This is taken under the supervision of an adjudicator at a pre-approved time and place (e.g. at his or her place of work). The adjudicator can be someone of managerial status within the company.

Once the whole course has been finished, successful graduates will receive an Endorsed Certificate from TQUK, an Ofqual Approved Awarding Organisation, plus transcript.

How are ADL’s employee training courses different?

Our courses aim to give learners an education that will serve people for life. They will not only present trainees with information, but also guide them through a series of experiences that will improve their ability to understand, communicate, solve problems and continue expanding their knowledge and skills. Therefore, by the end of the course, they should have a sound understanding of everything that the course teaches, plus more and a solid foundation from which to build their success.

Independent endorsement and recognition are reassuring, but it’s important to know that our courses focus on helping people to learn as much as possible, as opposed to many that primarily focus on teaching them how to pass an exam. We believe that we achieve the correct balance between a qualification being recognised and providing in-depth learning in a chosen discipline, which will empower people to succeed.

Other Courses

There’s a large selection of appropriate courses to choose from listed below. However, we have over 600 courses available and many are suitable for staff training purposes. Therefore, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, click on one of the categories at the bottom of the page.

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