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The horse  has played an intregal part of the From ancient times, the horse has been a good friend to man. Upon their backs we have crossed continents from sea to sea. In peace they have ploughed our fields and took the produce to market, while in war they fought beside us, giving those who had them a formidable advantage against their enemies.

Like any animal, horses require proper care. From pregnancy and breeding through to training and caring, horses have a unique set of needs that must be met.

One problem almost unique to horses, and similar hoofed animals, is Laminitis, also called founder. It is a condition that results in the inflammation of soft tissues in the hoof, resulting in lameness. These, and other potential problems, are things any true horse aficionado needs to know of in order to provide the best care for these precious beasts.

So, whether you’re looking to provide the best care for a beloved family pet, work professionally raising champion thoroughbreds or want a better understanding of horses and what makes them tick, then  ADL equine course is a good starting point..

Get an Equine Studies Qualification: To start your journey into Equine Studies and if you have in mind future studies in the subject, our Horse Care I course may help you.

Get a Career working with horses using Equine Studies: If you would like to embark on a career with horses, then our online Diploma in Equine Husbandry can help you do so.

Learn about Equine Studies: Perhaps you own your own horse and wish to understand more about the way the horse thinks and reacts. If so, our Equine Behaviour course will shed some light into your pony’s skittish nature.

Already work with horses and need Professional Development? An Equine Studies course online could help: If you are currently a groom and require a little more knowledge to get further on in your equine career, then our Horse Breeding course may give you the push you need to realise this.

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