On completing all required assignments for a subject you are then entitled to sit for an examination in that subject. Exam application forms will not be accepted until after all assignments have been marked and sent back to the student. 

If you pass the exam, you are awarded a pass in that subject, and a Statement of Attainment will be sent from the academy acknowledging this. 

NOTE: You do not have to do an examination unless you want to! (To gain an official pass however…the exam is necessary). 

  • You sit the exam away from the academy at a location which is convenient to you. 

To do this the procedure is as follows: 

  1. You nominate an adjudicator (i.e. supervisor) to oversee the exam. This must be a reputable person (such as a police officer, Justice of the Peace, Minister of religion, academy principal, tertiary tutor/lecturer, employer or manager of a business or organisation established for more than 5 years, or member of a professional association which has an established code of ethics. Adjudicators cannot be relatives. 
  2. Set a date, time and place for the exam (e.g. at the adjudicator’s office or a library) 
  3. Submit your exam application 4 weeks prior to the nominated date.  
  4. We will send the exam to the adjudicator. Ensure you have supplied full and correct address and phone details. If we can email the exam to the adjudicator please supply an email address 
  5. At the set time you attend the nominated place. 
  6. The adjudicator will conduct the exam. On completion of the exam, your work is taken by the adjudicator and sent by him/her directly to the Academy. Please supply your adjudicator with the cost of posting your exam to us. 


  • Exams are usually one and a half hours in duration. 
  • Students should bring pens and a few dozen sheets of foolscap or A4 paper with them. 
  • No texts or notes are allowed in the exam. 
  • Non-programmable calculators are permitted for subjects like Landscaping, Engineering, Finance, etc  

There are no exam fees for ADL courses. For those sitting the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) exams or the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) examinations, examination fees apply and students need to register direct with either organisation.

    Plagiarism Policy Acknowledgement

    Plagiarism is the illegal and/or unethical copying of material without acknowledgment of its source. Plagiarism is not tolerated, and will be penalised. Therefore, it is very important that students understand the differences between plagiarism and acceptable use and interpretation of someone else’s work.

    It is acceptable to use information from another source as a minor part of your own work, if the original source is properly referenced (i.e. It is made clear where that information came from). It is not acceptable to present work which is substantially little more than an identical copy of information (words or graphics) from another source without acknowledging the source or in such a way that the reader (or tutor)could believe it is your original work. If you are not sure on how to reference material please refer to our Academic Writing II course.

    You risk a period of suspension, a monetary fine, or even expulsion from a course if found guilty of plagiarism. You will also be fully liable for any legal action taken by the owner of material which you plagiarise. The academy accepts no legal liability for the actions of its students during or after studies.

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