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“It’s only a game” they say to you. It’s supposed to be a way to downplay the importance of the sport, the match. But sport is far more than just a contest of skill and ability. Behind every great champion is an army of professionals who made it possible for them.

Professionals like coaches, who take the raw potential in a candidate and hone them into someone who can compete and are prepared to push and motivate their players all the way. Experts in health, medical and nutritional fields are also essential to get the best out of budding sportsmen and women – injury is an inevitability and the body is an engine that needs the right fuel.

But even away from the field, there’s a great wide pitch of opportunities for people with a love of sport who want to be a part of it all. Sports grounds need managers and administrators to organize teams and fixtures like in any organisation. And whether the playing grounds are a pitch, field or court, an expert is needed to maintain and look after them, whether they be natural plants or artificial turf.

So of course, it’s “not just a game”. It’s an obsession. And at ADL we understand that. If you share that obsession, then a distance learning course may be just the thing to help you become part of the action and fulfill your dream.Get a Sports Qualification: If you would like to get some insight into this industry, then our Sports Psychology course could help you decide where you want to go in your future, whether it’s to study the subject in more depth, or pursue a career in it.

Get a Career working in the Sports: If you would like to go into personal training and help others reach their potential, then our Diploma in Elite Fitness Leadership could help you achieve this.

Learn about the Sports: If you are interested in the subject of sports for a personal hobby, then our Fitness Risk Assessment course may help give you insight into this field.

Already work in the Sports and need Professional Development? If you are currently a personal trainer, coach or a professional sports person, then perhaps our Sports Nutrition course could give you the information you need to further boost your career.

Can’t find a qualification to suit your needs? Why not speak with one of our Academic Course Advisers for FREE advice on +44 (0)1227 789 649? or email: Our online home study courses may be studied for vocational purposes, self-enrichment (hobby) or for serious study leading to higher qualifications. You’ll receive unlimited tutor and admin support and be able to start at any time.

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