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ADL Blog | Real Learning Stories

Academy for Distance Learning Blog - Our Blog is a resource for people looking for courses and information about our courses, education news, real learning stories, student sucess, discussion and anything of interest we can muster up!  

We'll be keeping this page updated with news, course information and real life student sucess stories.

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas this year? Are your dear and near ones sick of the same pair of socks re-gifted year in year out? Well this year, perhaps take a look at our list of unusual gifts to give!


1. Gift to a charity on behalf of someone else

From adopting a beehive to gifting goats to farmers or sponsoring children, there are many different things you can give to charity on behalf of your loved ones. Most charities will send out a small pack containing information on the gift you've purchased, so there is still something to wrap and put under the Christmas tree.


2. Gift a membership to amazing...

To be published and build a profitable writing career - or interesting hobby - you must be resourceful, determined and totally professional in your approach. Here’s how.

Specialise in one or a few subjects
List the subjects in which you have a particular interest or expertise. You may be surprised to learn that you know more than you originally think.  Include valuable or unique life experiences you have had, such as surviving illness, completing courses, gaining specific skills, or experiencing different cultures, and then use this specialist knowledge to write your articles, stories or books. Having a specialised and unusual field...

in Health on Nov 30, 2017 .

Being a good friend is not just about having fun together. Sometimes, the people you know are going through unhappy or stressful times.

It is important to be available to listen and support someone who reaches out for help when he or she is stressed or experiencing bad times. How you respond will determine how comfortable your friend will feel in opening up and how helpful you are.  

Actively listen
Most people consider themselves to be good listeners, but it may help to develop your abilities. It is important that your friend has your undivided attention. Consider your body language too. It should remain open, relaxed and...

Journal articles are the most important and reliable sources for academic writing. However, as I explained in a previous article, they are often hidden from people behind paywalls so that it seems impossible to read them without paying a large fee.

If you have an article which you are desperate to read, there might be a way around the problem. Try checking the following:

The journal’s website: Sometimes, prestigious journals will allow researchers to pay a fee to make their article available for free online. This is called “gold open access” and if an article you want to read has been paid for, you should be able to easily read...

This week the media has been buzzing with discussion of EU animal welfare standards. The story started when Caroline Lucas of the Green Party asked that the UK accept one of the provisions of the EU Lisbon Treaty into national law (that animals are sentient and laws about them should take that into account). Lucas’ amendment was rejected by the House of Commons. Since then the story has blown up, partly because it plays into the narrative of anti-Brexit newspapers who give the impression that, without the civilising impact of the EU laws, Britain will soon become a barbarous dystopia where the veal-eating rich pit dogs against foxes...

We are, once again, an approved RHS learning provider and with new lesson formats, assignments and more extras for our students to enjoy, we hope you love the new look.

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I have been studying for my Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Level 2 certificate online with the Academy for Distance Learning for a few months now, and I’ve learnt so much! I can identify most of the flowers I see on my daily travels, I finally understand how photosynthesis works and I have a new favourite house plant, Maidenhair spleenwort (Asplenium trichomanes).

One of the things I was not sure about at first was the Royal Horticultural Society student membership which comes free with the course. I am a hands-off wildlife-friendly kind of gardener, not a prissy, don’t-look-at-that-flower-so-hard-Margaret kind of gardener. This...

Imagine you’ve just found a brilliant article and want to cite it in your essay. However, when you come to cite it you find that the source is not an academic journal at all, it’s actually in a type of book called a Festschrift. Your natural questions are: (i) Am I allowed to cite books if I can’t pronounce their titles? (ii) Wait, did I just read an article in German? (iii) What is a festschrift anyway?


Festschrifts are memorial volumes, written to commemorate the lives of the most eminent scholars. Sometimes the scholars have died, but most often they have just retired (or in the case of the most prestigious scholars) reached a...


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