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ADL Blog | Real Learning Stories

Academy for Distance Learning Blog - Our Blog is a resource for people looking for courses and information about our courses, education news, real learning stories, student sucess, discussion and anything of interest we can muster up!  

We'll be keeping this page updated with news, course information and real life student sucess stories.

in Health on Apr 25, 2017 .

Some skills used by professional counsellors are similar to those used by anyone who listens carefully as part of their working role, or relationship. These skills include:


  • creating a warm and genuine relationship - sometimes referred to as ‘rapport’ -  in which a person feels accepted, without judgement, whatever is said

  • giving  a person full attention, actively listening and being mindful of what the client is communicating, verbally and non-verbally

  • making clear any ambiguous or generalised statements

  • showing attention and some understanding by putting what the individual says into the...

in Health on Apr 25, 2017 .

Are you caring for an elderly family member, a friend or a neighbour on a regular basis? However much you like or love the person being cared for, the emotional and physical demands of the role can be stressful. This can cause damaging emotional and physical symptoms, and should be faced before it harms your health and makes you a less effective in your caring role.


There is a lot of support available. Different sorts of support include the following:


Family, Neighbours and Friends


Write a list of tasks that you would appreciate help with: spending time with the person while you go shopping, doing some cooking for...

Maybe you have a story and want to get it published. Or maybe you have heard everyone has a story in them and want to start writing yours. Either way, you've probably heard some of the following myths about authorship:

  • It's said J.R.R. Tolkien was not sure what was going to happen next as he wrote The Lord of the Rings.
  • E.L. James supposedly wrote Fifty Shades of Grey as a fan-fiction of her favourite fantasy novel, Twilight.
  • Legend has it Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road in a drug-filled three week fit of passion.
  • H.P. Lovecraft's short horror stories apparently came to him in nightmares.

These myths are a lot of fun and...

Sinister Reptilian


Leopard Seal (Hydruga leptonyx)



Essentially solitary and circumpolar in distribution, usually on outer edges of pack ice, but does range widely to most Subantarctic islands, including South Georgia and the Falklands. Adult females, considerably larger than males, reach a length of some 12ft (4m), males about 10ft (3.5m). Upperparts darkish grey and underparts light grey, with spotting on throat, shoulders and sides- amount of spotting varies. Overall appearance rather reptilian, with a disproportionately large head for its long, slim body line. At close quarters the wide gape and three-...

The principles of having a wildlife garden are pretty clear; you need to maximise as far as possible opportunities for native wildlife in the context of a conventional garden design. But that doesn’t necessarily involve throwing open the doors of abandon and allowing any invasive species or ugly obtrusive shrub to take over. There is room in any wild design for order, symmetry and beauty. The trick is to maximise (and dare I say, occasionally embellish) natural beauty by working with Mother Nature, instead of fruitlessly against her.


So in a wildlife garden, it is not incongruous to see an area of clipped lawn, an arbour, a water...

Sometimes, when you are studying you can find yourself beginning to lose motivation in your subject of choice. If this happens, it is helpful to remind yourself why you started your course at the beginning. Spending time at the outset identifying your reasons for learning will be useful later if you hit a lull in your motivation.


Here’s how…


Why are you studying a subject?

Clearly, you are – or were - interested in the topic of study. So think in depth about the motivation behind your decision to enrol in this course. Perhaps competence in this subject is a stepping stone to what you wish to do next – either in your...

Many of us promise that one day, we shall write that book, and perhaps we already have some ideas for a plot or some characters… but how many of us achieve that dream?


Here is how to prepare yourself for your new writing direction…


1. Read books in the genre in which you want to develop your abilities. By reading and thinking about the area in which you wish to write, you will find it all the easier to express yourself naturally and interestingly in this context.


2. Adopt a strategic approach to your reading. When you are reading an enjoyable book, stop occasionally to check how the words are making you feel....

If your local supermarket closed down, where would you do your food shop? Most of us would say, 'The next supermarket closest to me!' What if supermarkets no longer supplied what you were looking for? What if you went to every supermarket and none of them had what you wanted? This has been the case with many shoppers this year as terrible weather in the south of Spain and Italy, the main suppliers for many of our out-of-season vegetables, drastically reduced the supply of courgettes, lettuce and broccoli.

There seems to be a new crisis for specific crops every now and then. Often, unreliable weather is the cause, other times, simple...


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