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The novice gardener might not be aware how much there is to learn about the most fundamental of all the plants: grass. He might be forgiven for assuming it simply makes up the turf on our lawns. But looking into the world of grasses can be like entering an Aladdin’s garden… Generally grasses are “herbaceous plants with narrow leaves growing from the base” – these include cereals, bamboo and sugarcane. There are as many as 10,000 species of grass around the world (160 in Britain), making it the most copious and essential of all the flowering plants. Its visual appeal is often overlooked for that of other more ostentatious flowering plants – but just one exploration will reveal a variety of hues, shapes and sizes. Their magnificence can be seen to perfection in grounds such as Knoll Gardens in Wimborne, where grasses take the centre stage, with more than 600 varieties collected from around the world. Grasses may provide grazing for our sheep and cattle, all of our cereal crops and most of our sugar, but don’t dismiss their beauty and splendour.

Turf are the world’s biggest business and the demand for job opportunities is enormous. It is predicted there will be a need for 50,000 additional agricultural professionals in this industry over the next 5-10 years. Demand for professionals will exceed the supply. Whether your interest in agriculture is hobby based or you\’re looking for more formal qualifications such as certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas there is a course for you. Now is the time to train for a career in agriculture. Choose from our wide selection of courses.

Get a Turf Qualification: If you wish to learn more about the care and maintenance of grass – whether it be your own lawn or tennis court, or, for example, a golf course or bowling green that you manage – Academy for Distance Learning offer a variety of online courses to meet your need.

Get a Career Working with Turf:  There are several occupations within the turf-grass industry that can provide a fulfilling and rewarding alternative to an indoor-based office job. Why not look into becoming a Greenkeeper or a Groundsperson? As well as some experience in turf culture, both these jobs require qualifications in turf management, which can be obtained through an Academy for Distance Learning home study course.

Learn Something New About Turf:  The sight of well-tended sward outside our houses or in parks, woodlands, sports grounds and beyond, is something we may often take for granted. But good grass maintenance requires knowledge and dedication. Why not learn more about your own lawn with one of Academy for Distance Learning’s online courses? From turf care to turf repair, there’s a course to suit your interest.

Already Work with Turf, Why Not Get Some Professional Development? For those who would like to progress further in the turf industry then Academy for Distance Learning can offer advanced courses to help you towards your goal. Academy for Distance Learning’s Advanced Certificate in Horticulture (Turf) or their Advanced Diploma in Turf will equip you with the skills to manage turf. Academy for Distance Learning offer other, more specialised distance-learning programmes – such as Sports Turf Management and Managing Notable Gardens – which will help to open doors to working in your chosen field.

Can’t find  a qualification to suit your needs?  Why not speak with one of our Academic Course Advisers for FREE advice on +44 1227 789 649?  or email:  info@adlhomestudy.co.uk   Our online home study courses may be studied for vocational purposesself-enrichment (hobby) or for serious study leading to higher qualifications.  You’ll receive unlimited tutor and admin support and be able to start at any time.

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