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Plant Nursery and Propagation Courses Online

Nursery & Propogation are the world’s biggest business and the demand for job opportunities is enormous. In agriculture alone, it is predicted there will be a need for 50,000 additional professionals in this industry over the next 5-10 years. Demand for professionals will exceed the supply in all areas of horticulture. Whether your interest in Plant Nursery and Propagation is hobby based or you’re looking for more formal qualifications such as certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas, there is a course for you. Now is the time to train for a career in Plant Nursery and Propagation. Choose from our wide selection of online courses.

In plant life, as in human, there are some diseases which are difficult to eradicate, hence the adage “prevention is better than cure” comes to the fore. Plant infections – “pathogens” – come in viral, bacterial or fungal form, but many can be prevented by following some basic sanitary procedures. Our tutors will guide you through subjects and materials that might not be dissimilar to those found in an NHS Health and Safety hospital manual:

  • Dispose of all diseased plants, including any remaining infected debris: in our hospitals we would expect a highly contaminated patient to be segregated.

  • Thoroughly disinfect the gardening tools that you use to remove infected branches: no hospital surgeon would use unsterilized implements on his patient.

  • When planting seeds or cuttings, use only clean pots or containers: a hospital patient would expect to be given a clean bed with fresh bedlinen.

  • Allow plenty of space between plants, to give them enough air/breeze: hospitals are the breeding ground for infections, where due to the inevitably high proportion of patients, bugs can spread easily if there is over-crowding.

  • Nip the plant disease in its bud: the earlier a human disease is caught, the better the chance of treating it successfully.

Get a plant nursery and propagation qualification : To learn how to grow healthy plants – and treat unhealthy ones – why not embark on one of Academy for Distance Learning’s many home study horticultural courses.

Want a career working in Plant Nurseries and Plant Propagation:  If you’d like to work in the field of nursery and propagation, Academy for Distance Learning run a variety of online courses that can help to equip you, such as their Nursery Growers course (which covers the different propagation techniques, such as seed and cutting propagation).

Want to learn about plant nurseries and plant propagation:  If you wish to learn about home propagation, Academy for Distance Learning offers an online course of that name. You can learn the basic principles of plant propagation, propagation techniques and much more. Learn the skills and get equipped!

Already work in a Plant Nursery, or Plant propogation but need professional development: Academy for Distance Learning offer various courses to help you develop in your horticultural career, such as a Diploma in Horticulture (Plant Propagation) – a vocationally oriented course focussing on subjects studied across all horticulture certificates, as well as a special application to plant propagation.

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