The Academy For Distance Learning Is A Premium Educational Provider Of Distance Learning And Online Courses

Distance learning education is a form of study that allows you to study from your chosen location, whether that is from home, at work or on the bus. The learning formats that are available are: Online Courses (online classroom), Correspondence (paper form) and USB stick (receive your course on a preloaded USB stick). with these methods of delivery you can work off-line as well as on-line. Read more about some of our course features here. 

How do we do it? 

We offer a self-paced format without any deadlines, as well as offering unlimited tutor and admin support to help you on your journey.

Our educational philosophy is to focus more on learning and the development of skills and less on assessment. 

It is to provide a foundation in our students’ area of study and set them on a path to continued learning, whilst being able to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Our courses are designed to be industry and globally relevant.

Who are we? 

The Academy for Distance Learning was founded 12 years ago by a consortium of experienced academics. 

The founder behind the vision is Daryl Tempest-Mogg, an experienced educator with over 40 years in the delivery of quality distance learning education. 

He was strongly influenced by the New South Wales Government’s (Australia) Mature Workers Programme, where he managed a local branch near Canberra. In his capacity as Manager, combined with his leadership skills, he was able to motivate mature workers back into the workforce through additional training and work skills development. 

Academy for Distance Learning is recognised nationally and internationally and is part of a global network of post secondary distance learning schools including government sponsored and nationally recognized institutions. Click here to read more about recognition.   

Tutors are appointed on the basis that they meet stringent criteria:  they must be active within their industry, have university qualifications, a minimum of 5 years industry experience and be able to motivate and communicate effectively with students nationally as well as internationally.   

Click here to meet your Academy team!   

Where are we? 

The Academy for Distance Learning’s offices are based in the beautiful historic city of Canterbury, England. Students are more than welcome to pop by and say hello! You also have the opportunity to sit your exams here if you should so choose. 

For more information, please check out: 

UK Register of Learning Providers Number: 10031925.

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