Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Academy For Distance Learning can provide a wide range of Online Courses ideal for Continuing Professional Development.

Why We All Need It!

Over the past few years ADL has seen a significant increase in the number of students adding our courses to their professional development credentials.

Whatever the industry or profession you work in, we all need professional development at some point in our careers. CPD not only adds value to your skill set, but also enhances an organsiations performance.

It is a process that is ongoing throughout your working life.

If you are new to CPD and have no CPD experience, a good starting point to begin the process, is to undertake an ADL short course of study. Usually our 100 hour certificate courses are ideal for this purpose.

ADL’s flexible learning platform and wide variety of courses including short courses, 100 hour certificates and diploma courses will all help you do your job better.

These learning options add value to your employability and assist in contributing to your workplace performance.

Combine an ADL course with your own networking contacts, attend conferences, workshops and industry meetings will ensure that you are up-to-date with current industry trends.

3 Reasons for CPD!

1. Develop Current Skills – Learn New Skills .

We all have skills of some sort. Expanding and keeping your existing skills up-to-date is an ongoing process that brings its own rewards to you and your employer.

With new skills learnt you become more valuable to your existing employer and future employers.

Most ADL courses have specifically designed practical exercises built into each lesson. This is an added bonus not found at most colleges/schools.

2. Organisational Performance – Adding Value.

 When you have up-to-date CPD credentials you become a very valuable member of staff, adding value to not only your performance, but also to the performance of the organization.

CPD credentials indicate to your employer that you are committed to their values and goals.

3. Changing Employment – a New Career or a New Job

CPD credentials are essential if you wish to stand out from other potential applicants, especially when considering changing your career path or simply looking for a new job.

Most employers are impressed with applicants who have made the effort to expand their CPD credentials, as this indicates that you are serious about their industry.

Design Your Own Course

Why not consider ADL’s option to Design Your Own Course? This feature is an added bonus not found at most school/colleges and is a very popular choice amongst our CPD students.

Just click on the link above to find out more.

The Design Your Own Course programme applies to our advanced certificates and higher qualifications.

Here you have the opportunity to choose and combine modules that will benefit your career path, add value to your CPD portfolio and to your employer.

This why tailored focused training is important, because it ensures benefits to the individual, the organisation and the general public.

If you need assistance with deciding what modules might be appropriate to your goals, our staff are on-hand to help. They have many years’ experience in advising potential students how to choose modules that will benefit them.

This is a free service and you are under no obligation to enrol if you wish not to proceed.

All Education Matters! 

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