Using Your ADL Online Course To Progress to Higher Education

If your goal is to transfer your academic record with ADL to a UK or international univeristy, we highly recommend that you approach the college/ university of your choice, to determine your eligibility and that our academic programmes will be acceptable.
We suggest that you make this enquiry before enrolling with us.

Mature students may be able to use a level 5 Diploma in place of a foundation degree, or level 4 and above qualifications as “top-ups” to bolster existing regulated qualifications with subjects related to the degree they wish to do.

As a guide, the learning hours listed below may be helpful in determining the suitablity of our courses. 

•    Level 4 Certificate = 100 hours
•    Level 4 Advanced Certificate = 400 hours
•    Level 5 Diploma = 600 hours
•    Level 6 Advanced Diploma = 800 hours
•    Level 6 Higher Advanced Diploma = 1200 hours

N.B. 1200 hours study time represents a similar commitment to one full year of a degree programme.

Peer review of any course content can be made available upon request.


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