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RHS Qualifications are Your Gateway to a Rewarding Career in Horticulture!


RHS Syllabus / Exam changes for 2021:   Important changes are taking place in 2021 for RHS courses.  To find out more and what these changes are and how they might affect existing and new students, please click here.

ADL is an Approved RHS Distance Learning Provider. RHS qualifications are recognised nationally and internationally, and are held in high regard by the global horticultural community.

ADL RHS courses, specifically focus on helping you to pass the RHS exams first time. They were developed by horticultural professionals experienced in the RHS syllabus.

Please Note: If you are considering the RHS Level 3 Diploma as your ultimate qualification, you can start by completing all the Level 2’s and Level 3 certificate theory courses online with ADL. You then complete the practical courses (face-to-face) at an RHS approved college near you.

Completing all online theory courses with ADL first, will help reduce your overall tuition fees, rather than completing the theory courses elsewhere in a face-to-face classroom.


Careers in Horticulture!   RHS qualifications are your Gateway to employment opportunities.

New to Horticulture?   Start with any Level 2 RHS Certificate (theory) course. There are no prerequisites and previous horticultural experience is not required.

Working in horticulture and need Professional Development? Have horticultural experience but no formal qualifications to back it up. An RHS qualification is the ideal gardening qualification.

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