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The Academy For Distance Learning offers a wide range of Leisure and Fitness Online Courses ideal for Home Study. Call ADL to discuss our distance learning courses

As a reference, the Guiness book of records is an excellent source of knowledge on ways in which people have taken their personal interests to new and, some might say, extreme heights.

Many households have a copy of the popular board game monopoly at home, but could they fathom playing a game that went on for 70 straight days?

That’s the claim the manufacturer makes about the longest game of monopoly that was ever played? And if the thought of playing such a long game makes you hungry, what about a slice of the world’s largest pizza, the “Ottavia”, baked in Rome 2012 and measuring a hunger busting 1261.65 square meters.

Most of us won’t take our interested to such world breaking extremes, but it is still worth considering how best our free time can be used.

Across the western world, and in the UK and the USA in particular, time spent working is increasing while the amount of time devoted, particularly to fitness activities, is alarmingly low. This has led to an explosion of health problems, including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Properly balancing our recreation time to take into account the fitness needs of our bodies is something that has become important, especially given the increasingly sedentary nature of many people’s working lives. With people becoming more aware of these problems, there is a real need for experts to help provide guidance and instruction.

Whether your interest is for health reasons or simply for play, a course in Fitness and Recreation from ADL is an excellent way to develop your knowledge and skills in these essential fields.

Get a Leisure, Fitness & Recreation Qualification: If you would like to study Leisure, Fitness & Recreation online, then our Leisure Management I course offers an overview to get you started.

Get a Career working in the Leisure, Fitness & Recreation: Perhaps you dream about running your own Leisure Centre or starting your own business in recreation. If that’s the case, then our Advanced Diploma in Recreation Management covers many modules that will teach you everything from Business to Life Coaching.

Learn about the Leisure, Fitness & Recreation: Perhaps you are currently involved in Voluntary work in the children’s sector and have developed a keen interest in helping children play constructively. If that’s the case, our Play Leadership course is for you.

Already work in the Leisure, Fitness & Recreation and need Professional Development? If you are currently working in the Leisure, Fitness & Recreation, perhaps in a Leisure Centre or Gym, then our Leisure Facility Management I courses might give you the knowledge you need for that promotion.

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