1. Choose Your Learning Method
    You choose how you would like to receive your course material, i.e., Online, USB or Correspondence.  The choice is yours. You may also work on online or offline.

  2. Tutor Allocation
    Every student is assigned their own dedicated tutor who is an expert in their subject area. They provide as much or as little individual contact as you require. You can contact your tutor whenever you need – your hours are not limited.

  3. Lessons and Assignments
    Your assignments are located at the end of each lesson.  You submit them for marking whenever you are ready.  There is no time limit.  Tutors are required to provide a grade and feedback (the backbone of learning) within 7 to 10 days.

  4. Set Tasks and Self-Tests
    Most modules have a Set Task at the end of each lesson before for the assignment. This is where you get the opportunity to undertake practical work to help you acquire knowledge, skills and practical experience.  Many modules also have short Self-Tests.

  5. Exams
    Once all assignments have been completed you may then elect to sit for a one and half hour exam in your own location. If you prefer not to take the exam you do have the option to undertake a project instead.
    Once the exam or project part of the course is completed, your Certificate is then processed.  Please allow approximately 4 weeks for this.

  6. Design Your Own Qualification
    ADL offers students the flexibility to self-design their own qualification – bundling together a combination of 100-hour modules into a qualification higher than a certificate.

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