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The first official record for a distance learning course was an advertisement in the Boston Gazette. It was penned by a Caleb Phillips offering private correspondence courses in Short Hand in 1728. Since then, distance learning has been slowly gaining momentum and, with the widespread availability of the internet, has now become a major way of distributing education for millions of people worldwide.

If you have ever followed instructions in a manual, read or watched something to learn something new, you have engaged in distance learning. If you’ve done this using the internet, you have done it online. Anyone with an internet connection can access the huge amount of information available to learn anything from beekeeping to house building.

Demand for distance learning is only increasing and with the advent of smart phones and tablets, an entire degree can be available at arms reach at any time you require.

Earn a Qualification: There are many course options available. From short 20 hour courses that can be completed over a weekend to courses that require months or years of dedication. There will be something that suits the needs of every student.

Start a New Career: If you are looking to branch out into a new career path, then a Certificate course is a great place to start. From Agronomy to Zookeeping and everything in between, your new career path can be within arms reach. A course can also be a good way to extend your knowledge in your current career or give you the edge for the next promotion you have your eye on.

Learn Something New: Perhaps you have a keen interest in Herpetology or a passion for Writing Fiction. Whatever your interest, you can never learn too much about your beloved subject. An ADL course can help you understand your hobby in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Can’t find a qualification to suit your needs? Why not speak with one of our Academic Course Advisers for FREE advice on +44 (0)1227 789 649? or email: Our online home study courses may be studied for vocational purposes, self-enrichment (hobby) or for serious study leading to higher qualifications. You’ll receive unlimited tutor and admin support and be able to start at any time. Whether your interest in agriculture is hobby based or you’re looking for more formal qualifications such as certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas, there is a course for you. Now is the time to train for a career in agriculture. Choose from our wide selection of courses. Please see our range of accompanying ebooks.

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