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With the prevalence of the internet now, today’s customer is more discerning, more demanding and is easily able to compare and contrast products and services plus their prices. This has allowed online retailers, such as, to go from niche websites making a small, but modest, profit to multi-billion dollar companies. From food to new films and books, Amazon has gone from strength to strength and you would be hard pressed not to notice their presence online in many countries.

While the way we sell and buy products and services has changed considerably, the principles remain. It is important to have detailed knowledge of what you’re selling, plus the sales skills to sell it. These skills include identifying the customers’ “hot button” (What is their motivation to buy?), plus recognising and acting upon “Buying Signals” (i.e. the customer is ready to commit.). However, you should never forget that the old adage “people buy people” is still very much the case, so the best sales people are personable, professional and are able to engender trust in those that buy from them. Even if the product or service is sold online, having a sales person to talk to at the end of the line, or via online chat, helps reassure the buyer. Another important thing to remember is that the role of a sales person in a company. Everyone from management to the work force is relying on the sales team to bring the money in and stay in business.

Get a Sales Qualification: If you are thinking of going to university or wish to obtain a higher level qualification, then our Diploma in Business Management which will give you a good oversight into business processes and sales.

Already working in Sales and need Professional Development? Horticulture is a very popular industry to work in, but if your verbal communication skills are better than your planting skills, our online course in Nursery Sales Assistant will help you to advise customers correctly and maximise sales in a retail environment. There is also Nursery Hands for those who need a hands on qualification, with some ability to sell as well. ADL’s Sales Management course is the natural course to take after Sales Skills, for those seeking Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It will give you an even deeper understanding of the sales process and how to overcome difficult objections, plus there is a section on managing a sales team. Therefore, the course is ideal for anyone looking to be promoted within the organisation they work for.

Get a Career in Sales: Sales can be a rewarding and profitable career to pursue and so we heartily recommend our Sales Skills course which will give you a firm foundation. The course is suitable for both employment purposes or if you are in business for yourself with products and services for offer. If you are starting a new business and need a combination of organisational and sales skills, check out Starting a New Business. The two together will help you to get your business off the ground.

Learn about sales: Strong Communication skills, verbal, visual and written are absolutely vital and many vacancies for sales positions will stipulate this as a requirement. So how can you improve yours? The answer is by completing our online course in Communications, which you can complete in your own time via distance learning.

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