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For many, the idea of a living an idyllic rural existence is powerfully enticing. The dream of giving up the city rat race for a more laid back, hands on existence working the land has drawn more than a few urbanites out into the country.

But it wasn’t just the cities that changed and progressed; farming has developed and advanced. It was never as simple as dropping some seeds in the ground and getting a few animals. Modern farmers and producers benefit from employing the latest modern methods to increase yields and productivity and to make the most of limited resources.

Increasingly farming isn’t just for big operations. A number of individuals are rediscovering the benefits of producing their own food. Allotments are popular and enable growers to choose varieties of plants not commonly available at the shop, while even in towns and cities, it is not uncommon anymore to find chicken coups providing eggs in back gardens (and for the adventurous, meat!)

Whether you dream of endless golden fields of wheat, have a project in mind for the garden or simply want to learn to grow herbs in a bucket on your fifth floor apartment in the city, ADL has the course to help you realise your farming ambitions.

Get a Farming Qualification: If you would like an online qualification that covers the basics of farming, our Farm Management course is ideal.

Get a Career working in Farming: If you would like to embark upon a career whereby you are learning how to farm in a sustainable way, then our Advanced Certificate in Alternative Farming may offer you a good base to launch your career from.

Learn about Farming: If you have a keen interest in farming and would like to try your own growing projects from your home, then our Diploma in Herbs could be for you.

Already work in Farming and need Professional Development? If you currently own your farm, but would like to change some of the methods you use to grow food or raise livestock in order for it to be more environmentally friendly, then our Organic Farming course is a good start.

Can’t find a qualification to suit your needs? Why not speak with one of our Academic Course Advisers for FREE advice on +44 (0)1227 789 649? or email: Our online home study courses may be studied for vocational purposes, self-enrichment (hobby) or for serious study leading to higher qualifications. You’ll receive unlimited tutor and admin support and be able to start at any time.

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