Can’t find a certificate /diploma that’s right for you?

Not all educational institutions qualifications meet everyone’s needs. The opportunity to design your own certificate / diploma / advanced diploma and higher advanced diploma at ADL  (subject to our  approval) is an added bonus not found at other colleges.

It’s a very popular option and widely used by many students. You can choose any combination  of subjects offered within the guidelines.

With online courses becoming increasingly popular, there has never been a better time to design your own distance learning course. By creating your own course, you can tailor the material to your specific needs and interests, and share your knowledge with students from all over the world. Best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

Some major advantages of designing your own certificate / diploma include:

  • A qualification that is more focused to your needs and goals can be a distinct advantage over your competition in business or the workplace.
  • Employers are usually impressed by qualifications that are up-to-date, unique and relevant to their industry.
  • You avoid studying subjects which are irrelevant or less relevant to you.
  • Obtain an education which is different to most people you are likely to encounter in your working life.

ADL offers two ways to complete certificates and higher qualifications:

  1. Enrol in a standard online course, individual module, certificate or diploma. The structure of these courses and programs is fully laid down, and students may only need to elect a major area of study. Standard courses are listed throughout the website and handbook.

       2. Design your own Certificate/Diploma. This gives students who have a very specific goal in mind the flexibility to put together a program that meets their needs.

Details on designing your course are as follows:
You may choose any combination of subjects offered within the guidelines and discipline of choice. You can start out with one module first, then add other modules as you progress.

When enrolling it is not necessary to decide up front what modules you wish to be committed to. We recommend students make a commitment as to what modules they wish to further undertake, at the end of the completion of the first module – this will of course be subject to approval.

Students who are unsure as to which modules to choose, should seek first the advice and guidance of our academic staff.

Qualifications Awarded:

How Does it Work?

There are four (4) simple steps to follow:

Step 1

a). Simply send us an email to: [email protected]  – and in the subject box put Approval – Design Your Own Course and confirm the following information in the email:  

b). Suggest a title (name) you wish to give your course and the qualification needed. i.e., Proficiency Certificate (2 modules), Advanced Certificate (4 modules), Diploma (6 modules), Advanced Diploma (8 modules) and Higher Advanced Diploma (12 modules).  

c). Choose the learning method:   Online, USB or Correspondence (E-Learning).

Step 2

d).  Select the category from the list of disciplines, i.e. sample, Agriculture, Business Management, Horticulture etc.  

e). Then choose and submit your selection of 100 hour modules you wish to study.  You may choose modules from 1 or more categories (disciplines).

Step 3

f). Tell us why you are choosing these modules

g). Your purpose for studying this qualification.   

Once we receive the above information a member of our academic staff will be in contact with you fairly quickly.

Step 4

If your subject choices are approved you will be sent a link to the enrolment form.   

If you need help in choosing modules please mention this in your email so that we can contact and advise which modules will benefit you the most.

Sample Email Template

Below is a sample email that can be cut and pasted and substituted with your own choice of modules:

Email to:  [email protected]  

Subject:  Approval – Design Your Own Course

I am interested in designing my own qualification and would like approval for the following modules:

  • Suggested title:             Agricultural Management
  • Qualification:                Advanced Certificate
  • Learning Method:          Correspondence
  • Category (Disciplines):   Agriculture and Business Management


  • Poultry
  • Farm Management
  • Animal Health Care
  • Agricultural Marketing

My reason for choosing these modules:
I wish to have a better understanding of how to manage a small poultry farm for commercial purposes.   

My purpose for studying this qualification:
I am hoping to purchase a small poultry farm in the future. My background and knowledge of commercial poultry production is very limited and this qualification would help me get started as well as help me to market the sale of my poultry. 

I look forward to hearing from your academic staff.

Joe Student 

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