At ADL Our Educational Philosophy Is To Focus More On Learning And Less On Assessment; To Provide A Foundation In The Area Of Study And Set The Student On A Path To Be Able To Continue Learning And Adapt To Change.

Our courses have been designed to be “experiential based” learning which means we guide  students through the learning experience.  The knowledge they  acquire in the course lessons are part of the learning experience, but there is always a lot more to it than just reading.  All the way through  the learning experience, students have access to  the full support of their tutor: so if things get to hard, we can help them get over the bumps, but if things get too easy, the tutor can guide  and challenge them  to extend their knowledge further.  In this way  we are more  able to adjust to the varying potential of each student. 

There are two types of students:  “Information Gathers” and “Information Processors”.  The former is only interested in acquiring facts for the sake of facts, while the latter is more interested in acquiring information and then processing what they have learnt.  It is the “Information Processors” that find our courses suitable to their needs. 

We continue to develop  our style of education that is more relevant to the world of the future; where our students benefit from the knowledge acquired and graduate with a worthy qualification …

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