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In the classic Disney film The Lion King, the young protagonist Simba the lion cub has his future place in the world explained to him by his father. As future king, they must have respect for every creature, from ant to antelope. The young lion asks in a surprised tone, “But Dad, don’t we eat the Antelope?” The lion explains that when the lions die, their bodies become the grass, which their prey feed on and so everything exists in a great circle of life.

Though simplified greatly, the ideas in this children’s story help provide an entry point to Ecology – an understanding of the many interconnecting circles and systems in which life on this planet depends. Ecology is essential in a great many matters and fundamental to the proper care and management of limited natural resources, from water to rain-forests.

Failure to have a proper respect for these intricate systems has led to calamity in the past. The introduction of the rabbit to Australia led to widespread degradation of land, both actively managed and wild, while the introduction of the Cane Toad to the same continent has only furthered the troubles faced by its native species.

With the world becoming more ecologically aware and determined not to repeat mistakes like the above, there has never been a better time to get into ecology. Increasingly, countries are looking for experts to take the lead in building a sustainable future for themselves. A course from ADL may be just the thing to open the door into this exciting field.

Get an Ecology Qualification: Our Introduction to Ecology opens the doors for further study. It covers the basics of Ecology and can be completed online wherever you are.

Get a Career working in the Ecology: If you would like to become employable in this field, our Water Conservation and Management course can help kick start your career by teaching you key skills in conservation.

Learn about Ecology: If you have a personal interest in this subject, then our Environmental Waste Management could be for you. Waste management is going to become a more and more pressing issue for humans as populations grow and space shrinks.

Already work in Ecology and need Professional Development?
If you are currently working the Ecology field, our Environmental Assessment course will teach you key skills to help improve your career.

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