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Inspite of global warming we still don’t yet have the much-sought-after Mediterranean climate in the UK, but we can still grow continental produce that until fairly recently, we thought could only flourish in warmer climes.

Over the last three or four decades there has been a significant change in the fruit and veg we now grow in England. Back in the 1970s few gardeners, if any, grew garlic, French beans (runner beans, yes) or artichokes – and certainly not figs. But as we’ve increasingly adopted a taste for a Mediterranean diet, our veg and fruit selection has become more adventurous.

One seasoned gardener in the South of England now plants garlic in the Autumn and it grows very successfully. Her globe artichokes do well, as long as she protects them through the winter.

Her aubergines and lady fingers (okra) grow nicely in a dry summer – otherwise she keeps them in a greenhouse. Her fig vine, growing up a south facing wall protected from the wind, produces one plentiful crop of fruit per year (two in the Mediterranean), as long as she de-figs it annually.

Home Gardening are the world’s biggest business and the demand for job opportunities is enormous. It is predicted there will be a need for 50,000 additional agricultural professionals in this industry over the next 5-10 years.

Demand for professionals will exceed the supply. Whether your interest in agriculture is hobby based or you\’re looking for more formal qualifications such as certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas there is a course for you.

Now is the time to train for a career in agriculture. Choose from our wide selection of courses.

Become a qualified home gardener?

If you’re thinking of growing your own fruit and veg, or are already doing so but are limiting your range to the more conventional carrots, potatoes and onions, why not learn how to grow a varied and delicious crop successfully?
ADL offers a diverse selection of gardening courses, including growing your own veg, fruit or flowers, home propagation and becoming a home garden expert.

Looking to become a home gardener as a career?

There are many interesting careers within the field of gardening – from vegetable grower, florist, garden designer, garden centre manager…to plant breeder, landscape architect, environmental scientist…to name a few. ADL’s courses offer a great introduction or get you started in a new and fulfilling direction.

Just want to learn about home gardening?

Growing your own fruit and veg has its obvious rewards, but there are many other plants that can be cultivated and will enhance your experience of gardening.

ADL run courses on growing a variety of flowers – from iris, grevilleas, geraniums and pelargoniums, to carnations and camellias and many more…

Already a home gardener by profession?  Need professional development?

A professional development course will always enhance your CV/Resume – but more importantly, it can help you to achieve your career goals.  The RHS Gardening and Horticulture courses that ADL run are written by professional horticulturists, but can be studied at home.

Can’t find  a qualification to suit your needs?  Why not speak with one of our Academic Course Advisers for FREE advice on +44 (0)1227 789 649?  or email:  [email protected].

Our online home study courses may be studied for vocational purposesself-enrichment (hobby) or for serious study leading to higher qualifications.

You’ll receive unlimited tutor and admin support  and be able to start at any time.

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