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Pet Care Courses Online

For millenia, people have kept animals to help them in their day to day life. From cats kept as vermin controllers to dogs kept as hunting helpers. It’s only been in the last few hundred years that people have kept animals as companions as opposed to fulfill some other function. From lizards to goats and everything in between, the range of pets has increased and with it, the need for a workfoce that understand the appropriate care of such a diverse range of animals.

There are numerous possibilities open for people wanting to work in the pet care industry, ranging from pet shops or veterinary practices, to rescue centres, wildlife sanctuaries and zoos. Alternatively, you can use an online course to start up your own small business providing services to pet owners, or even learn how to look after your own pet better.

Get a Pet Care Qualification: ADL offers a variety of courses in Pet Care. A good one to start with is Animal Behaviour (Psychology of Animals) where you will learn what makes animals tick and why they behave as they do. This course will help you learn how to handle and train animals.

Already work with Animals and need Professional Development? For those wishing to develop a career requiring pet care skills, you can take our general online Pet Care course. Looking for a more advanced qualification? Our online Diploma in Companion Studies is a great course for this and can be tailored to your own employment or charitable interests through elective modules. Perhaps you work with lizards and snakes in a pet shop or at a zoo and need a qualification? If so, our online Herpetology course will provide you with a solid foundation in the subject.

Get a Career working in Pet Care: There are many Cat, Dog and Horse Rescue Centres and they need staff with the qualifications and skills to help look after all the unwanted and mistreated pets that they rescue. Online Pet Care courses that will come in handy includes: Cat Psychology and Training and Dog Psychology and Training.

Learn about Pet Care: Have you just got a new puppy? If so, you may need our dedicated online Dog Care course. If you have a new pony, then our three online Horse Care courses, beginning with Horse Care I, is a must.

Can’t find a qualification to suit your needs? Why not speak with one of our Academic Course Advisers for FREE advice on +44 (0)1227 789 649 or email: Our online home study courses may be studied for vocational purposes, self-enrichment (hobby) or for serious study leading to higher qualifications. You’ll receive unlimited tutor and admin support and be able to start at any time.

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