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Landscaping III (Landscaping Styles)

Landscaping III (Landscaping Styles) – 100 hours Certificate Course

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Learn About Landscaping III (Landscaping Styles)

Garden Styles – Study the difference!

Landscaping III online course is an exceptional course and is suitable for those with a good knowledge of landscaping, as well as for landscape designers who have a more advanced knowledge of landscaping.

You’ll learn how to develop gardens from a conventional to a diverse/eclectic garden, and Mediterranean to oriental landscape, and many more…

Landscaping III online course emphasises the following garden styles: – Historic Gardens, Formal Gardens, Oriental Gardens, Middle Eastern and Spanish Style Gardens, Mediterranean Gardens, Coastal Gardens, Modern Gardens, Eclectic Gardens, Other Styles, with an introduction on how to create the mood i.e. developing an understanding and appreciation of the use of; colour, light, shade, temperature, water, foliage, and other elements, in establishing the mood of a garden.

To meet clients’ requirements, it is essential to have a good understanding of how gardens have evolved in different countries, over the centuries and how these gardens reflect their cultures.

This course will help you become more creative in your garden design approach!

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Landscaping III (Garden Styles)

There are 10 lessons:

1. Creating the Mood

  • Active vs Passive
  • Simple vs. complex
  • Movement vs. Static
  • Light vs. Shade
  • Managing Light and Shade
  • Increasing or Reducing Light
  • Plants that Thrive in Shade
  • Garden Lighting
  • Other Factors that Affect Mood
  • What Do You Want in a Garden
  • Personality in the Garden
  • Keeping it in Scale
  • Colour and the Garden
  • Using Coloured Statuary
  • Other Coloured Surfaces
  • Psychological Effects of Colours
  • Water in the Garden
  • Hot Plants
  • Making a Garden Appear Cooler
  • Site Analysis
  • Macro Design
  • Designing a Garden Room

2.  Historic Gardens

  • Introduction
  • Roman Gardens
  • Chinese Gardens
  • Landscape Designers
  • Historic Considerations
  • Other Types of Gardens; formal, informal, natural, resort, permaculture, herb, rose, cottage
  • Cottage Garden Design
  • Cottage Garden Features
  • Plants in a Cottage Garden
  • Federation Gardens
  • Edwardian Gardens

3. Formal Gardens

  • Introduction
  • Design Elements of Formal Gardens
  • Types of Formal Garden; Avenue, hedged beds, etc
  • Planting in Formal Gardens
  • Traditional Ornamentation; Sundials, Weather vanes, Bird Baths
  • Traditional Furniture; seats, pots, arbors, arches, gazebos
  • Formal Courtyards

4.  Oriental Gardens

  • Introduction
  • Chinese Gardens
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Types of Japanese Gardens: Hill and Pond, Dry Landscape, Tea Garden, Stroll Garden, Courtyard, Classic Rock Garden
  • Japanese Garden Features; Tori, Shishi-odishi, Moss Garden, Bamboo Fence, Bridges
  • Bonsai
  • Ornamental Grasses

5.  Middle Eastern and Spanish Style

  • Introduction
  • Features of Moorish Gardens
  • Sense of Enclosure
  • Mexican Style
  • Mexican Planting Schemes
  • Use of Coloured Gravel

6.  Mediterranean Gardens

  • Introduction
  • Features of Mediterranean Gardens
  • Regional Differences
  • Colours
  • Built Landscape
  • Plant Material
  • Use of Paint
  • Veranda Gardens
  • Making the Most of Small Spaces
  • Microclimates

7.  Coastal Gardens

  • Coastal Garden Features
  • Temperature, Humidity and Wind
  • Windbreaks
  • Salt and Soil Conditions
  • Coastal Plants

8.  Modern Gardens

  • Introduction
  • Technology in the garden; screens, lights, water features, music
  • Maintenance
  • Architecture; shapes and angles, colour, sculpture
  • Courtyards
  • Inner City Gardens
  • Types of Inner City Gardens
  • Future Trends

9.  Eclectic Gardens

  • Creating an Eclectic Garden
  • Using Garden Ornaments in an Eclectic Garden
  • Plants
  • Living Art
  • Topiary
  • Hedges
  • Pleaching
  • Miniature Gardens
  • Trough Gardens
  • Pebble Gardens
  • Art Gardens
  • Public Gardens

10.  Other Styles

  • Dryland Gardens
  • The Desert Landscape
  • Xeriscapes
  • Australian Bush Garden
  • Cacti and Succulent Gardens
  • Minimalist Landscapes
  • Permaculture
  • Rainforest Gardens
  • Tropical Style Gardens
  • Bird Attracting Gardens
  • Bulb Gardens

Please Note.   Each lesson requires the completion of an assignment submitted to ADL, marked and returned with feedback, relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

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