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University Preparation Writing Package


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University Preparation Writing Package

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  • Failures of Logic - The Slippery SlopeFailures of Logic - The Slippery SlopeFeb 16, 2016 As anyone with a passing interest in water slides or skiing might tell you, slippery slopes have a tendency to take on a life of their own.   You migh..
  • If the EU Referendum campaigns were essays, they would failIf the EU Referendum campaigns were essays, they would failJun 22, 2016 If you’re living in the UK right now, you are probably being bombarded with letters, billboards and news broadcasts about the EU referendum. Most of these..
  • How to easily write an essay: the essay as a tourHow to easily write an essay: the essay as a tourOct 12, 2016 Do you struggle with essay structure? Have you been told that your essays are too vague, or not focussed enough? If so, this post is for you. One of the reas..
  • The Secret to Being a Google ScholarThe Secret to Being a Google ScholarOct 12, 2016 Being a Google Scholar Imagine this: You need to write a research paper, but at the last minute you realise that you’ve missed your bus to the library ..
  • How to spot when you are being manipulated: Critical ThinkingHow to spot when you are being manipulated: Critical ThinkingNov 07, 2016 Critical thinking is often seen as an elite subject. It is especially taught at private grammar schools, it is a favourite for Oxford and Harvard applicants, an..
  • 6 Habits of Successful Students6 Habits of Successful StudentsDec 06, 2016 When you start a course of study, there can be many things that occur to you. A mixture of excitement, anticipation, optimism and determination may be among you..
  • When are Emotional Appeals LegitimateWhen are Emotional Appeals LegitimateFeb 14, 2017 In our Critical Thinking module here at the Academy for Distance Learning, we teach that the only legitimate argument is the appeal to logos (logic and reason)...
  • Tips to Get out of a Study RutTips to Get out of a Study RutMar 15, 2017 Sometimes, when you are studying you can find yourself beginning to lose motivation in your subject of choice. If this happens, it is helpful to remind yourself..
  • 3 Myths about Education3 Myths about EducationMay 19, 2017 The Materialist Myth The most common myth you will hear about education is that it’s not worth the money. Why bother spending money learning when you..
  • When Should I Worry About a Bad GradeWhen Should I Worry About a Bad GradeJul 28, 2017 I’ve been registered as a learner at ADL for a couple of months now, and I’ve started to work out how to fit my studies around my life. I tend to wo..
  • 6 Tips to Success: Getting the Best from your Course6 Tips to Success: Getting the Best from your CourseSep 25, 2017 Learning new things can be one of life’s great pleasures. As we all know, there is more to studying than getting a diploma or certificate. It is more ..
  • Am I Taking My Course Seriously Enough?Am I Taking My Course Seriously Enough?Oct 04, 2017   It can be difficult for you to treat your studies seriously as an adult learner. Most adult learners are in part-time education, with usually only..
  • What is a Journal Article?What is a Journal Article?Oct 04, 2017 Journal articles are the most up-to-date and prestigious pieces of academic writing, usually in the style of essays or reports. They are special because they ar..
  • What is a Festschrift and how do I cite it?What is a Festschrift and how do I cite it?Oct 11, 2017 Imagine you’ve just found a brilliant article and want to cite it in your essay. However, when you come to cite it you find that the source is not an acad..
  • How to Access Journal ArticlesHow to Access Journal ArticlesNov 30, 2017 Journal articles are the most important and reliable sources for academic writing. However, as I explained in a previous article, they are often hidden from peo..
  • Critical Thinking? You’re not supposed to know about that!Critical Thinking? You’re not supposed to know about that!Jun 04, 2018 Critical thinking has a bad reputation in the twenty-first century. People tend to look at it suspiciously. This is partly because of its background. Critic..
  • ADL Tutor wins Prestigious Conference BursaryADL Tutor wins Prestigious Conference BursaryJun 06, 2018 Dr Lee Raye, tutor at the Academy for Distance Learning, has been awarded the 2018 Alwyne Wheeler Bursary by the Society for the History of Natural History. ..
  • How Critical Thinking Helped MeHow Critical Thinking Helped MeJun 18, 2018 I was able to improve and refine my critical writing skills by doing the Academic Writing and Critical Thinking courses via Academy of Distance Learning. I adva..
  • Cui Bono - Every Writer has an Ulterior AgendaCui Bono - Every Writer has an Ulterior AgendaJun 27, 2018 What does Cui Bono? Mean? The Latin phrase cui bono? can be loosely translated into English idiom as “who’s getting paid?”. The phrase ..
  • Top 5 Pieces of Music for Study and Relaxation Top 5 Pieces of Music for Study and Relaxation Sep 05, 2018   The key to good study is often finding the right music to fit the type of work that you are doing. Some music is perfect for focusing while doing ..
  • Perfect Stocking Fillers for any StudentPerfect Stocking Fillers for any StudentDec 20, 2018 There are a few days left of Christmas shopping and we thought we'd put together a list of great stocking fillers for different types of students! Maybe..
  • Great Snacks for StudyGreat Snacks for StudyJan 18, 2019 Now that we're back in the swing of our daily lives, you may have been thinking about really knuckling down to some serious study. And if you're lik..
  • An Interview With Dr. Lee RayeAn Interview With Dr. Lee RayeFeb 15, 2019 Dr. Lee Raye is a tutor on some of our writing and environmental modules here at the Academy for Distance Learning. This week we had a chat with them about ..
  • An Interview With Dr. Lee Raye Part IIAn Interview With Dr. Lee Raye Part IIFeb 15, 2019 Here is Part II of our interview with Dr. Lee Raye! Find part I here! What about hobbies?   I enjoy reading fiction, and my all-time favourite..
  • Three Examples of the 'Straw Man' ArgumentThree Examples of the 'Straw Man' ArgumentMar 14, 2019 A straw man argument is a sneaky sort of argument which is intentionally weak. The straw man argument is named after the human-shaped, straw-stuffed punching ba..
  • An Introduction to non-Traditional EducationAn Introduction to non-Traditional EducationApr 08, 2019 For some highly-academic learners in England and Wales, the path through education is simple and traditional. Students aim to earn at least five GCSEs when they..
  • Your Argument is good, but you are still WrongYour Argument is good, but you are still WrongMay 09, 2019 Invalid vs Incorrect There’s a common myth that arguments which are valid always have a correct conclusion. The best Critical Thinking students know b..
  • Are ad hominem attacks always invalid?Are ad hominem attacks always invalid?May 09, 2019 Valid Arguments In order to be valid, an argument has to be based on evidence. For example, we might say:   “Tigers can produce milk…..
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University Preparation Writing Package

Get ready now for University! Many students in their first year struggle with, and are often held back, by their lack of understanding of the two fundamental requirements necessary for success at university; writing academically and thinking in a critical manner.book open with glasses lying across the page

ADL's two very short courses, Academic writing and Critical Thinking, are specially designed to equip and help pre-university stduents master many of the challenges that prevent them from gaining the grades they deserve.

Academic Writing

If you've been away from study for a long time, we recommend you attempt Academic Writing first, as it will help you develop your research skills and improve your overall writing ability. These are essential skills for university study.

Topics covered include: Fundamentals of Academic Writing; How to evaluate Academic Research; Referencing styles. Students are expected to write in a way that demostrates their understanding of concepts and theories, their ability to discuss the implications of theory and their ability to communicate complex ideas logically and clearly.

Critical Thinking

Learn to develop a better understanding of Critical Thinking and how the techniques of Critical Thinking can be applied to the world of academia. In this course, you'll learn how to approach sources critically. Learn about admissible and inadmissable types of argument. Practice researching and writing critcally.

Topics covered include: Learn what Critical Thinking is; How to approach sources critically; Learn about types of arguments

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Previous Customer Experiences with our CoursesWoman leaping to the next level in her career development

"Fantastic Teacher. Well organised modules. Assignments force me to learn and research more so I can prepare well for exams. I really enjoyed studying via ADL.  I can now continue study at Ulster University which accept my certificate from ADL".    Level 4,  Advanced Certificate in Applied Science,  VSC001,  Stanislawa,  Poland.

Its with great pleasure I am announcing you my new job as 'Park Manager' for a 5 star hotel in Reunion Island.  Its definitely my courses with ADL (Botany, Agronomy and Trees for Rehabilitation) which were decisive for my nomination. Accordingly, my sincere thanks goes to all the ADL team.

"The course was a valuable learning experience as it provided me with the knowledge and understanding for me as a Careers Advisor. The feedback was very good from my tutor, and allowed me to  build upon my assignments that were marked. The comments were very informative  and very useful. Well written course material."  Andrew W, Careers  Counselling, UK

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