( John Canavan, 06/10/2014 ) Q:

Dear Sir/Madam, I am considering doing the Diploma wildlife management but would prefer to start with one of the 100 hour modules by paying the 325 pounds fee as I work full time and haven't studied for a while. Can you confirm if I decide later to do the wildlife management diploma if this will count towards the diploma and will there be a reduced cost as I will have already completed one of the modules or if I am required to pay the full fee and select 6 new modules? Regards John Canavan

( 07/10/2014 ) A:

Hello John,

Yes, this would count towards your Diploma and many students decide it is easier for them to take up one module at a time as and when.


( fanuel Nleya, 16/01/2014 ) Q: can you pay for the course using USD
( 20/01/2014 ) A: Hello, Yes you can
( fanuel Nleya, 16/01/2014 ) Q: Hie i would like to understand more about the Diploma course.I have been with Zimparks for 10 years .May i know if it is possible to pay in USD for the course.How do you conduct your assessments and examinations .How would i receive my diploma.97
( 20/01/2014 ) A: Hello Fanuel, It is possible to pay for the course in USD, and in USD our Diploma would be $2012 if you paid upfront or $3200 paid as installments. Assignments are completed by the students and sent in via email, post or submitted through the online study zone. Exams are sent to the students chosen adjudicator and then taken with them present. They send the exam back to us after signing it. You would receive your certificate and transcript via post and also receive a digital copy through email.
( Daniel, 26/11/2013 ) Q: Hello, I am very interested in this type of study, but already work a full time job and am worried about committing to something like this. Can you explain the learning methods above, Correspondence, CD and Online? Thank you.
( 28/11/2013 ) A: Hello Dan, The learning methods simply refers to how you would like to receive your course. You will always have access to your course online. If you pay £5.00 for a CD copy, you will have the course content and resources sent in CD format. If you pay an extra £35.00, you will receive the course in paper format. With regards to you working full time, the favoured method will depend on your circumstances. For example, do you spend a lot of time commuting to and from work? If so, the correspondence pack might be a good investment as you can read your course on the train. If you own a laptop and commute, a CD is just as viable. If you are around a stable internet connection most of the day, you can just stick with the online method and print off your course notes yourself. Again, all methods will always include your online access.
( mogan, 18/04/2013 ) Q: Is it diploma in Wildlife Management course u offer, what is the fee structure, any fundings. I have in the wildlife Dept Malaysia for the past 35 yrs. I have donea certificate course in wildlife Mgmt at Wildlife Institute Dehra Dun in India. Possible credit hour. I have written four papers published
( 10/07/2013 ) A: Thanks Mogan A Diploma is comprised of 6 modules - each module is 100 hours duration each (Diploma is 600 hours in total). The tuition cost for the Diploma is £1,230. You can pay by instalments at £81.25 per month. Also, you can design you own Diploma by choosing 6 modules that interest you. An individual module cost is £325. You can of course enrol for one module at first without having to decide on what 6 modules to choose. This way you can get started fairly quickly. Kind regards Daryl