3 Things for a Wildlife Sanctuary in your Garden

The realm of wildlife conservation is fraught. Our wildlife is under direct threat from all sorts of, most of it can be directly attributed to human activity. Plastic pollution, poaching, pesticides, human development decreasing habitats and farming all contribute to ecological decline across the board. We are living in times where we are seeing mass extinction and the media continually points this out, but we are not acting fast enough or at enough of a scale to really make an impact.


However, this does not mean there is nothing we can do. At this stage, any effort to help a species out is better than nothing. And there has been some success with bringing back species from the brink of extinction. Take a look at this guy, who single-handedly revived the population of a rare butterfly in San Francisco!


In the same vein, we can turn our gardens into mini sanctuaries for different wildlife out there. All you need is the following:


A Little Know-how

man writing in book

The gentleman who brought back the butterflies happens to be an Aquatic Biologist. Which means he has the knowledge already to get a major conservation project on the way. Perhaps we don't have the hours to devote to that kind of study, but doing our own research or even a short course in the subject might give us the know-how we need to get started.



puzzle ball in blue

Plenty of time will be needed to research, implement and test a garden that will attract wildlife. Perhaps figuring out what plants attract the most diverse wildlife or what type of seed might be the preferred snack of a specific type of bird.



two men on a snowy mountain

Mistakes might be made, trial and error is part of getting anything right. So, in order to continue with our conservation project, we'll need to be able to take the knocks from things that don't work and get up to try a different approach.


So, with these three things in mind, we can start trying to turn back the tide of the conservation catastrophe looming over us and give back to our environment.




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