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Top 4 Courses for Dads

in Latest Courses, Random things of Interest on June 14, 2018 . 0 Comments.

All our courses are suitable for dads and non-dads alike! But with Father's Day right around the corner, we thought we would put together the four courses we think are really going to fascinate, engage and delight our dads.


man under a vintage car repairing it. Black and White

Does your dad keep trying to fix that broken fan or washing machine, but with little success? If so, the Mechanics course is perfect for him! Taking a student through the core concepts of mechanics and the machines that rely on them, your dad will have a great understanding of Mechanics by the time he's finished. He may even be able to fix the fan for once!


Sports Coaching

man in yellow shirt coaching children for football on a green field

Perhaps your dad had a great past as a sportsman, but now that the years are taking their toll on him, he's taken a step back. Well, he can make his past sporting prowess work for him now by taking a course in Sports Coaching! Our Sports Coaching course takes a student through lessons designed to help them understand the professional standards of coaching, the relationship between the athlete and the coach and motivation psychology. Perfect for helping dad get back on the field!


Bookkeeping I

calculater and pen over papers with the phrase 'don't forget the tax implication' circled in blue biro

For the dad who prefers a quieter approach to life, perhaps our Bookkeeping I course can keep his brain engaged and active. It can also provide a useful way to earn some cash on the side if he's so inclined. This course will take a student through the basics of bookkeeping and provide them with a basis to continue studies into bookkeeping at higher levels.


Home Garden Expert

green cottage garden with pink flowers and cottage beside it on the right

Maybe your dad is a little older and now has the time to devote to his garden. But after years of working in an office, he has no real idea of where to start! Our Home Garden Expert course is there to provide that stepping stone between wanting to do something and actually doing it. By the time your dad has finished with Home Garden Expert, he will be as green thumbed as they come.


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