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What's in it for me?

in News from ADL, Random things of Interest, Education on May 01, 2014 . 0 Comments.
At ADL we believe that the most important thing when it comes to engaging on a course of study is the education itself, of what you learn and of learning how to learn more in order to solve whatever problem it is you’re tasked with.  
For example, if you’re told in a text book that the way to put out a fire is to use a fire extinguisher, our approach at ADL is to teach you how to use the fire extinguisher.  It’s about understanding, not just what the answer is, but about understanding how to get to the answer.  Being able to repeat rote answers is all very good for tests, but it's awful preparation for real life. 
But lets step away from the high minded “the value is in the journey, not the destination” talk. Let’s allow ourselves to be a little more mercenary and corporeal in our thoughts.  Let’s talk – certificates!
The Piece of Paper That Changes a Life
Whether you need a particular qualification as proof to take to an employer or university to let you pursue your dreams or whether you just want another trophy for your wall, we’re not going to underplay the significance of the final certificate you receive at the end of your course.  Everybody likes to win awards after all!
But the key thing is that, at ADL, there is no “everyone must have prizes” mentality.  We don’t just hand out our certificates to anyone who walks in our door.  Our awards are recognition for the achievement and learning of our students who have successfully demonstrated that they have completed and absorbed the learning material of their courses.   That’s because, if we just award a diploma for nothing, then it is worth nothing. 
Introducing our Certificates
ADL offers a range of certificates awarded for different academic achievements.  These include:
The Letter of Achievement:   Awarded to individuals who successfully complete a single course but elect not to take an examination or complete an assessable project alternative.  The letter is recognition of the student’s attainment in learning, but does not carry the weight that an exam assessed award would provide.
Certificate:  These are awarded to students who complete a single short course or module and pass the associated exam or project and represent the accumulation of approximately 100 hours of study in the field.
Advanced Certificate:  Awarded for extended studies.  To be eligible, a student must have completed four modules or short courses worth of material representing approximately 400 hours of total study, all of which must be assessed by exam or final project.
Diploma:  This is awarded for the completion of our diploma courses, or alternative for the successful conclusion of the study of an equivalent six eligible modules or short courses with associated exams passed.  We expect an average of 600 study hours to qualify for such an award.
Advanced Diploma:  An upgrade to the diploma that recognizes further achievement, the Advanced Diploma requires study equivalent to 800 hours of work spread across eight or so eligible modules or short courses with required exams being passed for each.
Higher Advanced Diploma:  The highest award issued by ADL, recognizing superior dedication and effort from the student over an extended period of time.  Students aiming for this kind of qualifications should expect to put in at least 1200 hours of study time over 12 modules or short courses before success. 
If it’s worth doing, it’s not going to be easy.  That is as true of an ADL course as it is of any other part of life.  Though 1200 hours may seem like a lot remember that, thanks to ADL’s distance education methods you can work up to this final stage at a pace that is manageable for you. 
Start with a single course or module, complete it and gain the certificate.  Then go on from there, step by step until you achieve what you want to achieve.   Remember that with ADL you benefit from unlimited Tutor support every step of the way and are under no deadlines or compulsion to finish (subject to the minimum submission rate of one assignment every six months). 
Lets not be under any illusion – your course will be demanding.  But you’ll have the help, support and expertise to get you to your goal.  Whether you simply want to do a course on horses or nurse ambitions of being a doctor someday, we can help get you there but in the end it’s all down to you.
We can show you the door of opportunity – will you walk through it?


Tags: ADL, Administration, Study TipsLast update: September 19, 2017


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