Diabetes in the Workplace

Once a rarely heard of condition, diabetes has become almost synonymous with the draw backs of our modern, sedentary life styles.  As a result it is increasingly common for companies to have diabetics in their staff or amongst their customers.  This is especially important for businesses such as restaurants and hotels that may be hosting such customers but all organisations nowadays should have a basic understanding of this common place medical condition and what to do in the event of a diabetic emergency.

As an illness, Diabetes causes problems in maintaining the correct level of blood sugar in the body.   This is because of a problem with the production of a hormone called Insulin that is produced by the Pancreas.  This hormone move glucose out of the blood and into the cells of the body where it is used by the cells as energy.  In diabetics however there is a problem with breaking down the glucose generally because your body is not producing enough Insulin or it is making insulin that is unable to do the job. 

There are two recognised types of diabetes

Type One diabetes is where the bodies own immune system attacks and destroys the cells that produce the insulin meaning none is produced at all.  As a result, sufferers are obliged to take insulin injections to make up for what their body cannot produce and have to maintain careful control of their blood sugars to avoid problems.   Of the two it is the least common.

Type Two diabetes is where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or the cells don’t react to it properly.  In many cases, it can be largely managed through maintaining a healthy life style and diet and keeping an eye on blood glucose levels.   However over time it may become necessary to use medication in order to safely manage the condition.

Hypos and Hypers

Diabetics are prone to two conditions in particular both related to blood levels.  Hypoglycaemia is when there is too little sugar in the blood to maintain proper body function.  Hyperglycaemia by contrast is when there is too much sugar and the over dose can begin to have a damaging effect on the body.

Both conditions come with a range of uncomfortable side effects and both have the serious risk of the person falling unconscious if their situation is not remedied.  This is why many work places keep a soft drink such as a fruit juice carton or soda on site so that there is a quick and ready source of sugar in the event of dangerously low blood sugar.  Explaining to your colleagues that the drink is part of the first aid supplies of your organization is generally a good idea to try to avoid it being drunk by another member of staff. 

High blood sugar is harder to remedy as you generally can’t just extract the sugar straight away.  In general the key for employers is to understand the needs of their employees and ensure they have the time they need to properly manage their condition whether by ensuring they have time to have a proper lunch and snacks throughout the day or by encouraging healthy initiatives in their workforce to help maintain employee health.

Regardless, diabetes is very much a part of the modern world and managers, team leaders and colleagues alike are increasingly going to find that a basic understanding of the condition is essential.




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