Organisation Tips To Keep You Happy And Productive During Lockdown

It’s been well over a month into lockdown, and we’re getting into the flow of things. It may still be like living in a strange, somewhat dystopic parallel universe, but it feels more normal now. We should try and make the most of this time to learn how we work best, so why not experiment with some productivity-boosting techniques to help you unlock your full potential.

The Pomodoro Technique

This tried and tested method is a great time management strategy that can prevent burnout and improve focus. The basic idea is that you divide your time into 25 minutes of focused activity with 5 minutes for rest. This stops your brain from fogging up and keeps you on track with your current project. I use this app to help track all my projects and use it to manage my time. If you would like a more detailed guide on this subject, check out this guide.

 A cut up tomato from which the Pomodoro Technique gets it's name

The Pomodoro Technique is named after the timer that Francesco Cirillo used to record his sessions. It’s strange how these names come about!

Keep your spaces separate

We’re now confined to a much smaller space to work in than before. We used to use the office for working, the gym for exercise and our bed for sleeping. Now our homes act as all three and more! To be in the right mindset for work, we need to create a conducive environment to work in. Educational Youtuber CGP Grey gives an incredible guide to organising your spaces; I would thoroughly recommend it.

Use colour to your advantage

Our brains are very reactive to different colours. You can capitalise on this by using different colours for various tasks and purposes. I change the colour of my pens each week so that I can tell when I have written my notes. The key is finding something that works for you. For example, different coloured folders for various work projects or sticky notes for different types of tasks. It lets your brain create shortcuts that are useful for getting it into a productive mindset.

A series of colourful crayons are lined up on paper

Closing thoughts

There are countless productivity guides out there, and not all solutions work for everyone. However, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. I wasn’t sold on the Pomodoro technique, but after trying it, I got so much more work done. Now is the perfect time to experiment and most importantly work out what works best for you.




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